Monday, October 1, 2007

Gorgeous Day!!!

Wow....can you believe this weather??? It is FABULOUS!!! I hope that I am able to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the evening sets in. As I was driving to work today at noon, the temp gauge said 63 degrees. I wish that it would stay like this forever. But then we would be over crowded with crazed people who just wanted to live in Kansas for the weather.

So this weekend, I had the PLEASURE of attending the Hartford Harvest Days. Okay, so when I say pleasure, I really mean 'duty'. Where else do people line up the streets for a 2-block parade, which mainly consists of souped up lawn mowers, old tractors, and horses. Not to mention the occasional flatbed trailer loaded down with hay bales, corn stalks and duck decoys. Okay, so it was not all that bad. First of all, the parade was super short. Secondly, there was candy being thrown from every single if you played your cards right, you might have been able to collect enough goodies from the parade to stock your Halloween Trick or Treat bowl and spare yourself that expense. Plus, it was FREE entertainment. I mean seriously!!! You see all walk of life at small town festivals. You have the nuns and their rolling Taco Hut. You have the local groups trying to raise a few bucks so their kids can attend a summer camp or go on a Senior Trip. But then you have the obnoxious, socially challenged individuals who do not know the meaning of personal space and think it is completely acceptable to get in the face of your sleeping baby and ask what their name is....BACK OFF FREAK!!! Anyways, after the parade and a short walk down main street, we loaded up and headed home. Of course, the hubby had to work the Refuge booth, so he was stuck there all day. The kiddos and I came home and took a much deserved nap. I supported my local small town event and spent an entire $1 at the kid's carnival and 50 cents on a Diet Dr. Pepper. For those who are not familiar with Hartford Harvest Days, I suggest you check out the local newspaper ( as I am sure it will highlight the event and give you a better idea of what I am rambling about.

Well, the chicken Parmesan is smelling yummy, so I had better get the pasta cooked and bread baked and prepare for a yummy meal.

Chat soon!