Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spectacular Sunday!!!

Let the Sun-Shine! What a beautiful day! It started out overcast, but once the sun chased away all of the clouds, it was a beautiful day in Kansas. As I was headed out to the gym, I decided to log my exercise minutes outside, rather than on a treadmill. Not sure how far I went, but I took a long, brisk walk and stayed gone about 50 minutes. The north wind was a little cool, but I did not care! I mainly just walked, but I did throw in a few bursts of jogging. Almost immediately, my shins began to hurt, so I don't think I have the best shoes for outdoor running. The concrete is not as forgiving as the treadmill. I will need to really start training more outside if I am going to run a 5K by this summer.

I have also started the journey to eliminate diet pop from my diet. I am going to reduce my intake slowly, as I know I cannot handle cold-turkey. I am kinda embarrassed to tell how many diet sodas I normally drink in a day....but it is between 5 and 6. Today, I have had two. Tomorrow at work will be the most difficult, but I know that I am stronger than the addiction. Part of my addiction is the caffeine....but another part is the fizz. I love fizzy drinks! I love the burn of the pop as hits my tongue and travels down my throat. I also enjoy the taste! For years, I only drank Coca-Cola. When I first did WW several years ago, I phased into diet soda...which was a HUGE transition. But now, I am hoping I can kick the habit for good. I have substituted with LOTS of water, green tea, and V8 V-Fusion.

After I conquer the diet soda will be to eliminate sugar and processed foods from my diet. This will be a little more difficult, but I am slowly starting that now as well. Today, I have only had 2 mini Twix bars! Everything else today has been fresh fruits, veggies, proteins, and grains. Now, I am not baking my own bread, but I am making healthy choices! I am not that crazy!

This blog will be my medium for venting as I reduce and eliminate these crazy foods from my diet and my lifestyle. I hope I don't go insane during the process! THANK U for your support!