Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not to be complaining...BUT

Okay, so my birthday is next week. In my husband's attempt to make plans for my special day, he has called his parents to see when they would be available to celebrate this monumentous know, 35 is a milestone. At any rate, the ONLY day they can come to visit is my actual birthday. Not only is it a normal work day for me, but my oldest will be in school, plus my middle child has his first ever dental appointment that afternoon, PLUS, I am teaching the last session of a 6-week night course that will run from 6-9 p.m. So I guess we are going to squeeze in a birthday party for me from like 4:30 til 6 p.m. I calmly told my husband that it was fine if they came, but that I was NOT cooking supper for anyone and that it was already a hectic day and throwing them into the mix was only going to make it worse. They are planning on arriving at 7:30 that morning. Luckily my oldest needs to be to school at 7:30, so I will be leaving the house before they even arrive. They can spend the day with the two younger kiddos while I am at work, and then I can muddle through a short party between day classes and night classes. I am not trying to complain, as my husband is trying to make plans, which he has never really done in the past for my birthday, but spending a crazy 90-minutes with weeping Wanda and the Father-in-Law who is constantly telling me about his bowel not exactly my idea of a fun way to celebrate my birthday!!! A nice quiet dinner at Red Lobster with a mixed drink would be FABULOUS!!!