Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Clothing is Optional....follow up

The Boy Scout returned.....and I bought some microwave popcorn. That is ONE BRAVE SOUL.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Clothing is Optional

I have not had a recent post lately. Trust me, it is not a lack of things to write about, but more about my busy life. At any rate, I have to share this story. I always warn people that clothing is optional at my house. The toddler usually strips down to his underwear the second he walks in the door. He has learned this from his FATHER.....

I was out of town on a business trip and my husband was home with our three children. On Wednesday evening after supper, my husband and my oldest son were in the garage, getting my son ready for a hunting trip this Saturday. The toddler presented himself at the garage door, naked, and informed my husband that he had 'pooped'. Husband followed the toddler back to the bathroom to take care of the wiping. In the meantime, the doorbell rang. Husband being in his underwear, hollered at my oldest son to answer the door. Oldest son was wearing 'waders' and one boot. He hobbled into the living room to answer the door. It was an unsuspecting boy scout selling popcorn. My son invited him into the living room and went back to ask Husband if we needed any popcorn. My husband (being in his underwear) told my oldest son to ask the boy scout to return another evening. My oldest son hobbled back out into the living room and told the boy scout that we did not want anything. My husband then hollered 'come back later', as he cannot tell the little boy scout 'NO', but nor could he venture out in his boxer briefs and review the sales catalog. In the meantime, my naked toddler breaks free from daddy and goes streaking out into the front room, demanding popcorn. The poor boy scout was surely traumatized by all of the red-neck wader-wearing nakedness in my house. All the while, my 9-month old daughter was in the living room, watching all of the action unfold as she played in her exersaucer. Not sure what she was wearing....probably just a diaper!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My how the times have changed....

Okay, so I don't really consider myself THAT old....I mean, I was born in 1973. I am no where near ancient by any means....but with that being said, the hubby found it quite comical yesterday when we ventured down into our family room. My oldest son, who is 11, had a friend over after school. What my hubby saw was, well, ridiculous....two 11 year old boys, sitting on the reclining love seat - with their feet propped up, both with laptop computers on their laps, watching the big screen TV, eating a canister of Pringles, drinking sodas, and one boy was on his cell phone chatting. Are we raising children or preparing our nation for a group of laid back technology addicted robots??? Okay, so it was my fault (kinda)....when I got home, I put up the baby gate to keep the toddler from getting downstairs and I was busy upstairs and I never invaded their space. But in my defense, I was just trying to respect my son's privacy and not embarrass him, like I do on most days. I will say, when my son's friend left, he was very polite and thanked me for having him over!!! I was impressed, as all I usually get out of my son is 'whatever' accompanied with eye rolls and a loud SIGH.

Now, when I was 11, I can remember spending HOURS outside with my neighborhood friends. We rode our bikes and made forts and played house and used our imagination. I do remember that we had 1 television in the house, but my step-father had priority, so we either watched fishing shows or did not watch TV at all. We had ONE phone and it was attached to the wall in the kitchen with a LONG spiral cord, which was stretched out over the years of my mother talking on the phone and trying to stretch it as far as she could. I think she was hiding from us most of the time. At any rate, I hope that at the end of the day, I can sleep knowing that I am raising a responsible human being, who will someday run this country that we live in. I just pray that he does not throw me into a nursing home and lock the door and run.

Dinner Time - we had pork steak, Lipton Noodles and corn on the cob. My hubby said that the meat was wonderful...but the 11 year old did not touch his food....hmmm, could it have been the Pringle's?????

Monday, October 1, 2007

Breaking News.......

You will all be horrified to find know that Brittney has lost custody of her children......who knew K-Fed would end up looking like a good father!!!

Gorgeous Day!!!

Wow....can you believe this weather??? It is FABULOUS!!! I hope that I am able to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the evening sets in. As I was driving to work today at noon, the temp gauge said 63 degrees. I wish that it would stay like this forever. But then we would be over crowded with crazed people who just wanted to live in Kansas for the weather.

So this weekend, I had the PLEASURE of attending the Hartford Harvest Days. Okay, so when I say pleasure, I really mean 'duty'. Where else do people line up the streets for a 2-block parade, which mainly consists of souped up lawn mowers, old tractors, and horses. Not to mention the occasional flatbed trailer loaded down with hay bales, corn stalks and duck decoys. Okay, so it was not all that bad. First of all, the parade was super short. Secondly, there was candy being thrown from every single float....so if you played your cards right, you might have been able to collect enough goodies from the parade to stock your Halloween Trick or Treat bowl and spare yourself that expense. Plus, it was FREE entertainment. I mean seriously!!! You see all walk of life at small town festivals. You have the nuns and their rolling Taco Hut. You have the local groups trying to raise a few bucks so their kids can attend a summer camp or go on a Senior Trip. But then you have the obnoxious, socially challenged individuals who do not know the meaning of personal space and think it is completely acceptable to get in the face of your sleeping baby and ask what their name is....BACK OFF FREAK!!! Anyways, after the parade and a short walk down main street, we loaded up and headed home. Of course, the hubby had to work the Refuge booth, so he was stuck there all day. The kiddos and I came home and took a much deserved nap. I supported my local small town event and spent an entire $1 at the kid's carnival and 50 cents on a Diet Dr. Pepper. For those who are not familiar with Hartford Harvest Days, I suggest you check out the local newspaper (www.emporiagazette.com) as I am sure it will highlight the event and give you a better idea of what I am rambling about.

Well, the chicken Parmesan is smelling yummy, so I had better get the pasta cooked and bread baked and prepare for a yummy meal.

Chat soon!