Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Friday!

This has been a quick week and I cannot believe it is Friday, but in the same breathe, THANK GOODNESS. I have worked out 3 days. I SHOULD have worked out today, but I will get a workout tonight when I chase the toddler around the high school football game and climb the stairs a dozen times. In the meantime, I feel bloated and nasty. I splurged and had a Chinese dinner out with some friends last night and then dessert was Cheesecake and Wine......what was I thinking??? Oh well, I am still craving a second piece of cheesecake, so go figure. I really need to join another Weight Loss Challenge, simply to motivate me. I don't need to lose a significant amount, but I need that motivation and accountability. I will start searching....well, until then, CIAO!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back on the WORKOUT WAGON!

Okay, so it is 5:06 a.m. and I up, dressed, and headed OUT the door to the gym. It has been at least 4 weeks since I regularly attended the gym. WHY the break??? No reason, just pure and simple laziness. I could list a dozen excuses, but the bottom line is...LAZINESS. I have gained about 3 pounds, so I just feel sluggish, so hopefully I can rev up my healthy eating habits and pair it up with some exercise and be back to my normal self by October 4th! Why October 4th???? I am going to a FABULOUS wedding and I need to wear my 'little black dress'. Okay, I am outta here, otherwise I would type all day and have yet another 'excuse' for not working out!

Love ya! Jewely

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not to be complaining...BUT

Okay, so my birthday is next week. In my husband's attempt to make plans for my special day, he has called his parents to see when they would be available to celebrate this monumentous know, 35 is a milestone. At any rate, the ONLY day they can come to visit is my actual birthday. Not only is it a normal work day for me, but my oldest will be in school, plus my middle child has his first ever dental appointment that afternoon, PLUS, I am teaching the last session of a 6-week night course that will run from 6-9 p.m. So I guess we are going to squeeze in a birthday party for me from like 4:30 til 6 p.m. I calmly told my husband that it was fine if they came, but that I was NOT cooking supper for anyone and that it was already a hectic day and throwing them into the mix was only going to make it worse. They are planning on arriving at 7:30 that morning. Luckily my oldest needs to be to school at 7:30, so I will be leaving the house before they even arrive. They can spend the day with the two younger kiddos while I am at work, and then I can muddle through a short party between day classes and night classes. I am not trying to complain, as my husband is trying to make plans, which he has never really done in the past for my birthday, but spending a crazy 90-minutes with weeping Wanda and the Father-in-Law who is constantly telling me about his bowel not exactly my idea of a fun way to celebrate my birthday!!! A nice quiet dinner at Red Lobster with a mixed drink would be FABULOUS!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seth's 5th Birthday

Well, we survived the Birthday celebration for our 5-year old. It was a fun-filled day, which started out with a small gathering at our house for Seth and a few friends from preschool. The kiddos played and also created a birthday poster for Seth to hang in his room to memorialize the occasionl. That evening, we had a family party which included the Cooper's, the Watts', and the Rathke's. We ate pizza, cake and homemade ice cream. Seth even helped mommy decorate the cake! Seth had a blast and received many nice cards and gifts. We also took the immediate family to Chuck-E-Cheese the Sunday before his birthday and celebrated with 3 hours of arcade games!!!

Happy Birthday to my Seth Ryan!!! Mommy loves you!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daily Tip - Menu Planning

Disclaimer: I must first say that I am not a licensed professional. My tips and ideas should be implemented at your own risk. I cannot make you lose weight. I cannot make you eat healthier. I cannot make you exercise daily. What I can do is offer you motivation and perhaps a little bit of inspiration.

Menu Planning is MUST for me. Not only to aide in my weight loss ~ body transformation journey, but also because it gets pretty busy around the Cooper house and if I don't plan ahead, we would end up eating popcorn for supper. Now, I don't just plan for supper meals, I also plan for my lunch time meals because we both take our lunches to work. This is mainly to cut back on the cost of food, but also to help me have some control over what I put in my mouth. I basically have this HUGE list of meals that I know my family will eat. I have it written down and posted on my fridge. I normally do my grocery shopping on Sunday morning, so Saturday night I look through my cabinets and freezer and see what I have in stock that I could use for meals the next week. Then I cross reference that list with my huge list of meals on the fridge, and then write out on another list (can you tell I am a list maker????) what the daily meals will be. Then I can create my shopping list. I try and plan meals that will provide leftovers so I can take them the following day for my lunch, as the hubby does not usually eat leftovers. I also love to utilize my crock pot, so if can cook my meal or at least the meat portion of the meal in the crock pot, then when I get home from work, I can add a couple of vegetables and a starch and be ready to feed the family.

Now, if someone were really diligent, they could also track the coupons that are in the Sunday paper and plan their meals around the most savings they can find. However, I don't have the time to be that organized. I just usually buy the store label or generic brands when possible.

Poo-Poo'd on the POTTY!!!!

That's right daughter who is barely 18 months old, actually pooped on the potty. I seriously think she is a genius. I mean seriously, look at who her mother is!!! Check out this candid photo of the proud little girl!!!
Okay, so take a closer look.....she actually pooped on the toilet seat lid!!! Well, better than nothing!!! (yeah, kinda gross)

Preparing for a PARTY!!!

My middle child, Seth Ryan, will be celebrating his 5th Birthday on Tuesday, July 29th. I am in a mad rush to get the house cleaned up before the big party. On the morning of his birthday, we are having a small gathering with just a few friends from preschool. Seth wants a race car themed party, so I am going to decorate the house to look like a pit stop at the races and I am planning some race track themed activities. I am also serving chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes. After the guests leave from he morning party, I will be in a mad dash to get his Race Track Cake decorated and reorganize the house for the evening, family party. Both sets of grand parents will be on hand, so beware!!! We are having pizza, cake and homemade ice cream. All I can say is YUM-O. I will post photos after the big event.

Probably the MOST exciting thing about celebrating his 5th birthday is that our immediate family is making a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese on Sunday. That is all Seth asked for, so we are going as a family to let the kiddos run around. I imagine that Seth's head will just about explode when we enter those doors. Plus, I am certain that Karah Jo will be running around like a striped ass ape for the entire time we are there. Afterwards, we need to make a stop at Target and then back home.

In the meantime, I feel like a crazed maniac trying to get the house organized and cleaned up and some what presentable before the day-long adventure on Tuesday! Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going the the Dentist....SUX!!!

Okay, so does anyone know why they recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every 6 months???? Well, I avoid the need to have 10-12 cavities filled. YES, you read correctly.....I have between 10 and 12 cavities. It had been at least 3 years since I had been to the dentist. Why you ask.....well, I hate the dentist. I hate the scraping and the flossing and the gritty mess left inside my mouth. I hate it. But, after I could visibly see decay in my mouth, I decided it was time. PLUS, I want my kids to get into the habit of going, so I wanted to be a good role model. We have dental insurance, so I bit the bullet the made the appointment.

I went to John C. Patton, D.D.S. and his LOVELY hygienist, Kerry Bruce. Let's face it, you spend most of your time with the hygienist, so we hope that they are friendly to you and kind to your mouth. This woman was fabulous and we had a great conversation. PLUS, I learned a lot.

Did you know that your teeth, both baby and permanent teeth, develop in utero. So, if your mother does not drink enough water with fluoride, your teeth (namely enamel) may not develop properly. Also, during the first year of life, your teeth continue to develop, so again, fluoride fortified water is crucial to a newborn. Also, if a baby is on a lot of antibiotics during their first year, then their teeth suffer as well. We got into this discussion because I have very rough teeth and I asked why. She explained that it happened in my mother's womb and that my teeth have some enamel, but I am lacking what the normal person would have. Thus, the many cavities. I was born in Wichita and lived there during my first year. Kerry told me that Wichita does not have fluoride in their tap water. A fact that I pointed out to my MOTHER last night. However, the water in Emporia, KS is like within the 5th percentile in the nation.

I am not sure that I will ever have a beautiful mouth, like I would love. However, that won't ever keep me from smiling!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Daily Tip

Disclaimer: I must first say that I am not a licensed professional. My tips and ideas should be implemented at your own risk. I cannot make you lose weight. I cannot make you eat healthier. I cannot make you exercise daily. What I can do is offer you motivation and perhaps a little bit of inspiration.

Daily Weight Loss Tip:

ALWAYS eat breakfast!!!! Okay, so this DOES NOT mean stop at the closest Krispy Kreme or drive thru McDonald's and order a #1 with a large coke!!! Nor does this give you permission to drop 75 cents in the vending machine for those 'oh so delicious' chocolate covered donut gems.

Here is my healthy tip. You need to schedule time in your morning routine to eat a healthy and filling breakfast. This is the first meal of the day and it starts your metabolism. This may mean that you have to get up 15 minutes earlier than normal. STOP HITTING THE SNOOZE BUTTON! You want to eat a balanced meal, which includes fruit, whole grains and some protein. Another great addition to this meal is to drink a cup of brewed green tea. If you want it sweet, add splenda or honey. No longer is a Diet Coke and Snickers bar the breakfast of champions!

Despite what you might think, skipping meals does not help you lose weight. I actually harms you. When you skip a meal, your body thinks that you are starving yourself and it goes into survival mode. By doing this, it stores FAT, rather than burning it.

Your body is your vehicle. You could not drive your car without putting fuel in it. You could not run your A/C without paying the electricity bill. So why would you not fuel up the most important tool in your life....your mind and body????

Here are a few suggestions that I rotate for breakfast:

Old Fashioned Oatmeal. I add in some golden raisins, brown sugar splenda, cinnamon and vanilla. It tastes like a cinnamon roll.

All Bran Cereal with Strawberries. I cut up fresh strawberries and sweeten them with a bit of splenda and then add in 1 cup of All Bran Cereal. This is filling and has tons of fiber!

Nutri-Grain Blueberry Waffle with strawberry all fruit. For an added bonus, I also add a dollop of Light Cool Whip. This is filling and also curbs my sweet cravings!!!

BACK by popular demand!!!

Okay, so one friend mentioned that they missed the blog. I go in phases and this summer has been crazy, so my blog has suffered.

Here is the UPDATE:

Currently in yet another weight loss challenge. I am working out daily and following the Fit Yummy Mummy routine. I have a page and I use those resources to track my food and exercise daily. I am also constantly running after a 5 year old and toddler, so I am busy. Here is my Spark Page link:

On the career front, I am winding down my summer schedule. I worked part-time this summer teaching summer school, but I also enjoyed some long days and sunny afternoons with my kiddos by the ghetto pool in the backyard.

I am also a full time student myself. I started taking online classes through Colorado Technical University to complete the degree!

My other big interest is Love Letters: Random Cards of Kindness. Check out my website for that:

Needless to say, I am one busy momma!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Karah the Kutie

Self Serve Dairy Queen - YUMO!
My daddy is making me laugh!

BUSTED....hey, Seth did it!!!!!

Just Chillin

Easter Bunny at the Olpe Easter Egg Hunt - 2008

Cooking with Mommy
Easter 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I disgust myself

Have any of you ever mindlessly eaten something to the point that you felt like you were going to vomit??? Yesterday, while diligently working on lesson plans, I snacked on some Mini Smart Cakes - Cheddar Flavor, by Orville Redenbacher. Let me just say....they are FABULOUS. I probably ate between 3-4 suggested servings of the delicious little treats. When I finally realized what I had done, I was miserable. To the point that the thought of ever eating again made me sick. When I got home, I had to fix supper for the family and it was physically difficult for me to cook and smell the food. I ended up sampling the chicken and the noodles, but I definitely did not eat a normal meal or even feel like eating. After supper we headed to Wal-mart. I was still miserable. Luckily, pushing the cart and walking around that huge store helped make me feel better. Plus, I picked up a carton of gorgeous strawberries and they tasted delicious. I can't wait for break time!

Lesson Learned....measure out your servings before you start snacking and STOP eating when you are full. Just because something tastes good does not mean that you have to eat the entire bag!!!!

By the serving of the Mini Cakes is 10 cakes. That is 70 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, and 1 gram of fiber. That equals out to 1.5 WW points...for those who are counting.

Here is a review of the product.

Friday, April 18, 2008

This Diet is making me PHAT

I have religiously worked out at the gym or at home or both for the last 7 days. I typically do some high intensity cardio, followed up with some weight training. I have attended a PiYo class for the first time in my life and I loved it. I have also started to incorporate jogging into my cardio routine and actually ran for an entire half mile without collapsing on the ground and calling 911. I have made a conscience effort to eat healthier this entire week...drastically increasing my fruits and vegetables...along with trying to eat lower carbs and less fat. I was feeling really proud of my efforts...that was until I stepped on the scales this week and saw a GAIN of half a pound. What the F#*(#*$&@(()! Seriously....I gained weight???? How is that possible????

I was disgusted and completely threw in the towel on Thursday. I won't gross you out with my disgusting food choices, but let's just say that Starbucks, Taco Bell and fried chicken were all in the mix.

This morning (Friday) I was a good girl and hopped outta bed at 5:00 a.m. and did my workout from home. Cardio and Strength Training! I also ate a healthy breakfast and have made conscience choices about my food today. I won't let this half a pound get me down. However, I am going to worry less about my food choices and just concentrate on toning and shaping my body. Don't get me wrong...I am not going to start eating Dairy Queen Blizzards for breakfast, but I am going to be less structured with my calories and more concerned about how I burn them off.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What's New???

I have started attending a local fitness center. I signed up through my job at a discounted rate and the monthly fee comes directly out of my paycheck. It is super easy and I really like the accountability of going to the gym. I have gone for the last three days and met up with fellow sorority sisters. On Wednesday night, we went to a PiYo class. It is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I really enjoyed this activity. It required a lot of concentration and balance. It was challenging and relaxing all at the same time. My muscles are still sore today, but I am looking forward to being in class next Wednesday. I continue to trim up and slim down my body. Bathing suit season will be here soon and I really need to get my mid-section toned up a little more. My arms are looking better every week and I should be ready for those summer tank tops when the temperatures finally reach that point. Eating healthy continues to be my hardest obstacle, as the family would much rather have sloppy joes and french fries and ice cream. Oh well, I can make them as healthy as possible, eat smaller portions and pair it up with a salad. Ice Cream will be my weekly reward as I strive to fit into those next smaller size clothing.
I have recently been reading blogs about organizing and menu planning. Check out the links in my favorites!
Happy Friday!

Friday, March 21, 2008

9-lives and counting.....

First of all....I need to preface this post that I am not a huge animal lover. It goes back to when I was 17 and my mother moved me around to a lot of different rental properties and I had to give my adorable puppy away. I was heart broken and vowed that I would never get attached to another animal.

Anyways....we have a cat....her name is Sadie Mae. Sadie was a gift to my son on his 4th birthday. Let me just say that a kitten is NOT a good birthday gift for a 4-year old. Granted, he was thrilled and we had some fabulous Kodak Moments....followed by weeks of scratches and tears. 8-years later....the cat is still a part of our family. She is a very moody are most cats. When she does not like something....she vomits! This morning, I awoke to a fresh pile of cat puke just under my chair, next to this computer. She is a smart cat....she knew that hubby or I would be on the computer first thing and we would see the little gift she left for us and hopefully get the message that 'she is upset'. The only thing I can figure that she is annoyed with is Spring Break and the fact that I have been home all week, along with the two youngest children. It has upset her routine of napping and roaming the empty house for hours on end. Well sorry Miss Pukey Pants...I pay the mortgage, so just deal with it! Yesterday we had a playdate with some friends, so the added chaos in the house probably set her over the edge. I guess she will just have to wait a few more days until Monday rolls back around and we are back into our normal routine and grove. In the meantime, hubby has some cleaning up to do this morning. We have a rule....daddy cleans up cat puke and mommy cleans up kiddo puke.

Does anyone else have moody pets???? Mine is horrible and she is lucky to be alive after she puked on my scrapbook table and peed on my ironing board!

Monday, March 17, 2008

AHA Moments

Since January 3rd I have officially lost 10 pounds!!! To be completely is 10.7 pounds. In talking with friends, students, and other Fabu-Less Ladies about my weight loss / body transformation journey, several comments have really stuck with me.

First Comment -I have gotten too competitive - I TOTALLY AGREE! I think that I lost sight of the true vision, which is a healthier lifestyle! Granted, it would be great to win that big pot of cash at the end of the 20 weeks, but that is really not my ultimate goal. I want to be healthier and have more energy and feel sexy in my own 30-something body.

Second Comment - I did not need to lose any weight - I AGREE (SORTA) - I needed to lose a few pounds of pesky fat so that I could focus on toning and firming. I want to wear a smaller size of clothing and look good and feel good and have more energy! If I did not drop a few pounds, I would have never been motivated to continue. Plus, dropping that weight makes strength training easier and firming up these muscles is really what I want to do. Remember...I want those tank top 'Kelly Ripa' arms.

Third Comment - I should not feel guilty about eating a donut occasionally, as I cannot avoid donuts the rest of my life - I TOTALLY AGREE and THANK YOU for reminding me of the big picture!!!!

Well, it is Monday of my first Spring Break in many, many years. I am up before the rest of the Cooper Clan and I am going to do my exercise tape and my upper body toning. Then we have a ton of errands to get done today. There is supposed to be thunderstorms today, so I am not sure how much we will get accomplished outside of the house....but I have several closets that desperately need a spring cleaning!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

KUDOS to the Hubby!

Today (March 16th) is our 6th wedding anniversary! My husband has been nagging me all week long about what we are doing. To be honest, I am simply too tired to try and plan some fabulous celebration, the he will be less than thrilled with and complain that I spent money. So basically, aside from having a family dinner with my side of the family for an early Easter celebration, I had nothing planned. Nor did I get the hubby anything. He could care less about greeting cards and I have learned over the last 8 years never to purchase him anything unless he gave me a specific list....he is worse than Rachel on Friend's. At any rate, I just figured it would be a typical weekend, so why bother putting any energy into something and then being disappointed......

On Saturday, I went scrapbooking from 10 til 5 and the hubby stayed at home with the kiddos. I had had this event planned for over 3 weeks and I was looking forward to my free time to just hang with some Scrappy Gals and be creative. When I arrived home shortly after 5:00, I was pleasantly greeted with a vase of yellow roses and a Pink Zune MP3 player!!! I was shocked and surprised and excited and PROUD. My husband loaded up three children and went shopping for me!!! The roses are pretty and the Zune is AWESOME!!! It does way more than the MP3 player that was last year's Mother's Day Gift...which the husband has stolen from me. I am thrilled and very happy with my husband. I have already uploaded music and photos and other neat stuff to my new toy. Now my daily walks will be even better as I will have static free music, plus, the Zune is PINK. (The Zune is the Microsoft version of an IPod)

To make the husband look even more fabulous....he had an opportunity to attend the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City and watch KU play, but since it was our anniversary and my family's Easter dinner, he declined. I know that must have hurt him a little....okay, A LOT....but he made the decision all on his own. I told him that I would not be upset if he went to the game, as long as I was allowed to spend the same amount of money on new clothes that he would spend on tickets, gas and food. I am very happy and touched that he chose his family over the Big 12 Tournament. I guess he does love me after all.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Have you ever eaten so much food that your body just feels sluggish and miserable??? That is how I am feeling today. During my body transformation journey, I have slowly started to eat healthier. I have definitely increased my daily fruits and vegetables, decreased the fat, and almost eliminated my soda intake. Well today, I am completely out of my normal schedule and my eating has subsequently suffered. I have been able to drink a lot of water today, but with only 1/2 of a green tea....I am dragging and it is only 12:23 p.m. I have 10 more hours left in the day!!! I just feel gross and completely embarrassed that I ate a donut! A fried, sugar glazed, round delicacy sent from heaven....or at least the donut store. I am trying to reverse the affects of the indulgence with a healthy salad for lunch and a nice, large bottle of green tea!!! Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Karah's 1st Wagon Ride - March 9, 2008

It was a beautiful day outside....warmer temperatures and sunshine, so I begged the hubby to drag the wagon out of the shed so that I could take a stroll with the kiddos. It was Karah's 1st Official Wagon Ride and she did great. Neither of the kiddos attempted to jump ship during our 45 minute - 2 mile hike. It was gorgeous weather and a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. An added bonus - it was definitely a complete body workout!!! My legs were busy keeping up the pace....while my abs were engaged and helped keep my core strong...while my arms got a fabulous workout pulling that wagon up and down the hills. Not sure I could handle a workout like that daily, but I am going to strive to get out and walk daily!!! The Walk Across Kansas incentive has started and I joined a team with the other Fabu-Less Ladies, so I have yet another incentive to get out and move!!!
Only one more week til SPRING BREAK!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Right Direction

After having a pretty rough time with the flu and getting off track with both diet and exercise...I made a renewed commitment to myself to forget about the past and look towards the future! The fabulous sunshine has lifted my spirits! After some encouraging words from my fellow FABU-less Ladies, I entered the week head on with healthy meals and exercise everyday! After 9-completed weeks of the body transformation, here are my results so far:

Loss of 9 pounds!!! Loss of 8 inches over my total body broken down as follows:

Waist - down 4"
Hips - down 3 1/2"
Thighs - down 1/2"
Bust - same (still nursing)

I still have 11 weeks to reach my goal.....I would still like to lose another 5-6 pounds and slim down the waist, hips and thighs a few more inches. I am currently concentrating on sculpting some 'tank top arms' and firming up those abs. After 3 children and 2 c-sections....those ab muscles are pretty loose! Again, I have to remind myself daily that this is a life style change and once I reach my goal....the work does not stop. I will need to continue to eat healthy and exercise daily to maintain my rockin new body!!!

Tonight we are having pizza, as my son's preschool is doing a fundraiser. I am going to order a veggie delight on thin crust! Please give me the strength to limit my pizza consumption to one slice and fill up on veggies and salad!!! I just keep telling myself to listen to my body and to stop eating when I feel full!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Motivational Thought of the Day

This little animal is called the Naked Mole Rat and is from Africa.

So if you are having a bad day and feeling sorry for could look like a dick with buck teeth!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Can you say "Grandpa Cooper"????

Anyone looking at these photos can tell just exactly who my baby daddy is!!!

All Tuckered Out - Miss Karah

On a Sunday morning while Seth and Mommy were playing outside, Karah decided to take a snooze in the the midst of the toys! OUCH, the carpet is not that soft.

Karah Jo - 13 months old

Karah Jo - 13 Months Old

Waiting on Lunch - Mommy was in the kitchen fixing lunch while Karah was watching a Baby Einstein video. Either the video was boring or mommy was taking too long because Karah laid down on the floor and took a nap.

Terrific Tuesday

It is only 6:00 a.m., so I am not sure how terrific of a day it is yet, as my daycare called to let me know that she is closing today, so already the daily routine has had a wrench thrown into it. However, I did rise at 5:00 a.m. to workout. I clocked 20 minutes on my Elliptical and then did some upper body weights. I also saw a commercial on TV with Kelly Ripa. Man, that woman has some rockin arms! I would LOVE to have sculpted, shapely arms before tank top season. I think that I need to buy some heavier dumb bells and beef up my routine. I did find the Kelly Ripa Workout on the web, so I need to mark that as one of my Favorites.

The insatiable appetite was a curse on I seemed to snack all day long, along with eating 3 meals. It is a curse and I really hope that I can get a grip on this situation. I really worry about this summer when I am off work and have way more free time to just sit around and nibble. It will be vital that I keep myself busy and active, otherwise, I will eat my way back up the scales before the fall semester begins.

Well, it is time again to start my morning 'beauty' ritual...(hahaha), so off to the shower.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Again

Well, it is Monday morning again! I had a great weekend and I started out my week with some cardio and lower body toning. My elliptical needs to have the batteries changed, so it was a pretty weak cardio attempt, but at least I got my body moving. The scales were my friend today, so I was pleased with the number....132.0. I have this obsession with the scales and checking my weight daily. I have heard conflicting advice about my daily weight checks...but Mondays are typically my official weigh in Thursday when I log my weight for the FABU-less ladies challenge. At any rate, I was happy with the number and it reaffirmed to me that my scales are not broken.

I do seriously need some help with my food choices. I was horrible all weekend long! I would eat something healthy like carrots and watermelon, then end my meal with ice cream. And for supper on Sunday night, all I had was ice cream! I did go shopping and bought tons of fresh veggies and fruit, so let's hope I can stick to my WW points this week.

Well, I need to get busy! My students are calling me!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

***Wonderful Windy Weekend***

It is Sunday afternoon, and I am just blissful with the way that my weekend turned out. It has been the first weekend in a very long time that I was just at peace and happy. The long winter weather and the recent flu had really started to put me in a funk. But the sunshine gave me some added energy and I truly enjoyed the weekend.

Friday evening started off nicely. I dropped the 11-year old off at the friend's house and I joined a few friends for a Pampered Chef party. It was nice to hand off the parental baton to the hubby and spend an evening doing nothing child related. That may sound selfish, but with 3 children, I rarely have any 'me' time, let alone adult time. I learned at the party that pre-shredded cheese has been coated with cardboard to keep it from sticking/lumping back together....HMMMM, I decided at that moment that I would only buy blocks of cheese and shred them myself from now on. It may be more work, but it is cheaper and healthier.

I got back home around 9:00 and the hubby had put the baby to bed for me, which was FABULOUS NEWS.....but I had 3 hours to kill before picking up the 11-year old from the skating rink. I knew that I did not dare sit down and watch TV, as I would fall asleep and perhaps forget to pick my child my I cleaned house. My son going skating ended up being a blessing in disguise, as I got almost my entire house cleaned on Friday night....minus the loud stuff. I have discovered a new purpose for Friday night! Pretty sad, but that is my life!

The husband went to bed he was getting up at 3:00 a.m. to go hunting! (CRAZY)

Saturday morning was pleasant, but I was tired. After staying up so late on Friday, 6:30 a.m. came pretty early, but I had a full day ahead of me, so we got around and made the most of the SUNSHINE! I opened up the windows and the sliding glass door and let the fresh air envelop my entire house. It was wonderful. I finished up the house work, including some laundry. We headed out around 11:30 to grab some lunch and then attend a basketball tournament that the Tech College was sponsoring. The two youngest kiddos had a blast, running around and playing with the other children. The oldest help run the concession stand and he had fun hanging out with some 'college' kids; plus he clocked in 3 hours of community service. We took a brief break from the B.B. Tourney to attend a baby shower for a friend. It was at a country church about 10 miles from town, so we had a nice drive in the country. I should have just dropped off my gift and left, but we stayed for cake and punch. The 4-year old was still wound up from the B.B. Tourney, so he wanted to run wild through the church. Luckily they had a playroom for him and another little girl to play in. We stayed about an hour and then headed back into town. The baby fell asleep on the drive home, so we stopped by the tourney to pick up the oldest kiddo and then headed home for some quiet time. The kiddos played nicely together, while I finished up laundry and just relaxed a little.

Late afternoon/evening rolled around, so I threw some chicken and potatoes in the oven. The neighbor lady had her grandchildren over, so we went next door and played with the other kiddos. Seth had a blast. It was still warm and the wind had calmed down, so we enjoyed the evening outside. Hubby got home around 6:30 p.m. after a LONG day of hunting. We ate supper, the 4-year old was asleep by 8:00, and the baby was asleep by 8:30. I spent a little time researching the Internet for grocery ads and sale items and worked on my grocery list and menu for the week. I turned in early, as it had been a long day. Oh, the 11-year old left right before dinner to spend the rest of the weekend with his grandparents, so it was pretty quiet in the house.

We awoke Sunday to another warm, yet windy day. After a nice breakfast, we all went outside to play. We introduced the baby to bubbles. She was a little scared of them. She tends to be pretty shy and a little scared to try new things. Her personality is completely different from her active brothers, who have NO FEAR and don't know a stranger. She usually buries her face into mommy's chest whenever a stranger talks to her. The neighbor's grandchildren were back outside, we played with them for a little while again. After those kiddos went home, the baby took a nap and the 4-year old and Mommy ventured out to do some shopping.

We stopped by Payless Shoes for the BOGO sale. I was super proud at how well behaved he was the 4-year old was in the shoe store. Then we went to Aldi's and Dillon's for about two weeks worth of groceries. (Again the 4-year behaved nicely) I had researched the ads and made my first attempt to do some budget grocery shopping. With the price of gas on the rise, everything else we consume has increased in price; not to mention taxes, so our budget has gotten a little tighter these days. Feeding a growing family of 5 can get pretty pricey, so if I can pinch a few penny's and shop the sale ads, I think I need to make this a weekly ritual. I have had two different friends tell me that they do this weekly and that it really does save them money. I am still shocked that a gallon of milk was priced between $3.60 and $4.26. That is outrageous!!! I think these people who keep raising the price of oil and gas need to try and live on my salary for a year and realize that this economy is really hardest on the middle-class working families. We don't qualify for any assistance (not that I would accept it anyways), but we struggle month to month to just stay above water and keep our checkbooks outta the red, while working full time jobs and being productive, responsible, and respectable members of society and contributing to our communities....also while being positive role models to our children. For me, I don't have a nanny or a maid. Nor do I have a criminal record. I am just the average American woman...trying to maintain a happy and loving home for my family.

Anyways, after unloading the groceries and making a quick lunch for the family, I am off to take a little nap and prepare myself for the thunderstorms and then snow that has been forecasted for the next two days. Thank You to mother nature for the brief break from the nasty weather. The sunshine was wonderful and renewed my spirit and energy.

On a final note, the hubby just called me into the living room. He was watching some cheerleading competition on the TV. My 13-month old daughter was standing there, clapping and bouncing up and down. You Go Girl.....she is going to be a dancer/cheerleader type. She is following after her mommy...which pleases me to no end!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday's Fitness

After last night's miserable weigh in (I did not gain or lose)....I decided it was time to start exercising again. It had been almost 2-weeks since I had rose early and this morning when the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m., it was kinda hard getting outta bed. It was even more difficult to motivate myself to actually put on my tennis shoes and press play on that Denise Austin DVD...BUT I DID IT. Not only did I boost my metabolism....I also boosted my self confidence. I was feeling pretty miserable after I had lost 2 pounds (flu induced) but then gained it right back. Plus, I am pretty sure that the scale is broke!!! Seriously, the number screen has flashed the same 132.8 for weeks now!!! Maybe that is just where my body is comfortable. Maybe this is my destiny. Perhaps I just need to be happy with the fact that I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Seth and Karah. Perhaps I need to be happy that I am back to size of clothing I was wearing when I started dating TJ. Perhaps I need to take the confidence boosting comments from Jennifer Sauder and Lacie Hamlin and play them back in my head countless times a day and realize that my peers think I look good.

Perhaps I need to pull my head outta my ass and get back on track with my Weight Watchers Points.....SERIOUSLY.....if I am being totally honest with myself....exercise comes easy to me....but eating healthy all of the time does not. It SUCKS! I would rather eat chocolate and ice cream and fried foods. I would much rather stroll down to the cafeteria and indulge in the homemade lunch made by the goddess 'Helen' and wrap my lips around a gigantic slice of cheesecake. I would much rather nibble on cheese puffs and sip Coca-Cola as I watch Oprah in the afternoons. I would much rather snack on Robins Eggs Malted Milk Eggs and Girl Scout Cookies, while I sit at my desk and grade papers. (I could go on and on and I did not even mention the weekly stop by the donut case at Wal-mart as I am grocery shopping.....)


Today - I am giving the Robins Eggs to she comes by my desk daily for a handful. I am serving up the Girl Scout Cookies in Accounting Class today...hopefully the treats will soften the blow of the Pop Quiz I am giving. The other candy and hidden delights in my cubicle are going down to the Student Services Office, as those ladies need it more than I do. I am packing a healthy lunch and healthy snacks and I am sticking to it. I am also going to try something different....tracking my points starting with dinner being my first meal of the day. It may sound strange or opposite, but as long as I stay within my points range within a 24-hour period, surely that is really the only thing that matters. My downfall is TJ and the family don't want to eat fish and chicken and steamed broccoli every night. So, I will cook a healthy, yet delicious evening meal and stop snacking after dinner! I will start my morning with my normal healthy breakfast and pack a healthy option for lunch and more trips to the Tallgrass Grille for this lady. This is crunch time!!!! 12-weeks until Bikini Season!!!! I refuse to be that mommy at the swimming pool who is obviously wearing a swimsuit that is too small for her muffin top mommy belly that peaks over the bikini bottom and frightens the young children and teenage boys. I may not be Miss Fitness material...but I will be proud of my body and feel sexy in my own 34-year old skin!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Week 8 - Body Transformation Update

Well, unlike some of my team members, I don't really have anything exciting or fabulous to share about my weight loss this week. Thanks to the Influenza A virus, I was able to drop about 2 1/2 pounds in one week....but the weight has crept back on as my appetite has slowly increased over the last few days. I have not exercised in over a week, so this weekend I need to dust off the exercise equipment and get back to business. I had successfully avoided the Girl Scout Cookie detour....that is until today. I had ordered 4 boxes and now they are just sitting there, staring at me, like one of those Salvation Army Bell Ringers outside of Wal-mart...who just stares at you as you walk by without dropping in a few quarters. I succumbed to the temptation and ate two lemon cookies. Much to my surprise (and disappointment) they were not nearly as good as the Lemon Coolers that I bought last year. These are almost too sweet for my taste! Well, when it comes to lemon....I want tart and sour, with a little sweet. Lemon and Chocolate are my two favorite dessert flavors....well, not together of course. I am sure that my children will devour the cookies like a pack of wolves...all the while the hubby is yelling at me for spending $14 on Girl Scout Cookies. Alas.....I buy them anyways. I can't say no to those little brownies, proudly wearing their sashes, filled with badges and pins. It takes me back to the good ole days when I would go door to door, selling Girl Scout Cookies and then deliver them with my wagon. Oh, the memories.......guess I need to drink some water to cute the sugar taste from my mouth and consider doing something productive today. I cannot get motivated!

Anyways, back to the weight loss thing.....I really need to start tracking my points and staying within my range if I want to drop these last 7 pounds.......'I Can Do It'. It is pure laziness on my part. It is much easier to sit and watch re-runs of Friends and snack on garbage, rather than eat an apple and work out. Oh well, if I honestly want to buy that bikini and those skinny jeans...I gotta move! Also, if I stopped nursing lil Miss Karah, I might actually drop a few pounds in the chest area. But then I cannot justify eating all of those extra calories......UGH, the dilemma.

Waterfowl Widow

Well, that time of year is upon all of those mighty hunters who want to preserve the tundra in Northern Canada and help thin out the snow goose population. With the warmer weather approaching, the geese are moving in large flocks from their warm southern homes to the Canada wilderness. They are making their way through the "Fly Way High Way" a/k/a Kansas. The hubby spends countless hours on the Internet, tracking these migrating creatures. He watches the weather and the clouds and the wind. He reads blog postings where other hunters report their sightings and keep tabs on these flying prey as if they were on house arrest and are wearing tracking devices. The husband also spent numerous hours piecing together and building an electronic goose caller that has been tested and retested. Not to mention the never-ending phone calls and text messages from the hubby's hunting buddies. For me....this means taking care of the house and the children alone for several the hubby will come and go as frequently as the geese fly over our house. The 'hunting' alarm goes off at 4 a.m. and the hubby is able to drag his arse outta bed, load up the vehicle, and venture out into the cold February air to set up decoys and lay on a the cool ground beneath blinds...for the hopeful chance that his hard work pays off long enough for that adrenaline rush as the unsuspecting snow geese light upon a field of decoys. The family takes a back seat during these few weeks of heavenly hunting. The garage is filled with random decoys and hunting gear and the freezer fills up with wild game that will probably never be consumed by the family members eating my cooking. At any rate, the Waterfowl Widow presses the winter pushes out and spring creeps in, I have the hope of sunshine filled days and long evening walks and the smell of freshly cut grass, as the yard work obsession will soon take over my husband's free time and the waterfowl decoys will be tucked away until the fall season approaches.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick and Tired......

.....of being Sick and Tired. This flu is about to test my patience. I have been feeling lousy for an entire week. Granted, it started out just as a scratchy throat, but has been a week. To make matters worse, the baby came down with a fever on Saturday. UGH!!!!

Oh, and don't forget about the SNOW! It is the last week of February......and Spring officially begins in less than one month.....and we have more snow!!!!

I am seriously on the verge of being depressed! The hubby, who has luckily not been a victim of the flu, cannot relate. He gets to go snow goose hunting on Sunday. As much as I love my children and cherish their very being....I am ready for a day without being sick and a day without being stuck inside this house. If the baby is still running a fever on Sunday, we won't have the luxury of leaving. At this point, I would enjoy anything that would get me outta the house. Time will tell.

On a positive note, the oldest child who had the flu earlier this week is doing much better and bounced back quickly. Maybe the anti-viral medication actually worked on him!


The flu has invaded the Cooper house! It is super nasty! All I can say is get plenty of rest and listen to your body!!! This is not something that you want to mess around with. I have been sick for almost an entire week. It started with a scratchy throat and then a dry cough. Within about 3 days, I was presenting with all of the symptoms of Influenza A and it took me down! For me, the worst part was the sore throat and exhaustion. Today is day #6 and I am finally feeling better. I am not 100%, but I think I can make it through the day. I still need to take it easy, but hopefully I can function, as the entire family is at home, so I don't have many options. The lack of appetite has helped with the weight loss journey, but as my appetite returns, I need to be aware that I don't overeat. At this point, only one other family member has gotten keep your fingers crossed that the rest of them have been spared.

I am looking forward to the warmer weather that is predicted for Sunday and Monday. This never ending winter, cold temperatures and cloud cover is enough to depress a person!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road Block Ahead

Had I known last week that I would hit a ROAD BLOCK this week, I would have made a few changes to my food choices. I am at home with the flu...not the stomach flu....but the upper respritory type. I am miserable....fever, headache, body aches, dry cough, extremely sore throat, and exhaustion. I spent the majority of Wednesday in bed, sleeping. I tried to call my normal doctor, but they never returned my phone calls, so I drug my sick arse down to the open clinic at our local health department late yesterday afternoon. That was a complete waste of time, as "Dr. Mike" was an arrogant jerk and told me to eat honey and that I should be feeling better by Monday. I was annoyed. I came home and did the best I could in dealing with the family. Today, I am feeling a little better, but I am still sick. I called my normal doctor again and they have told me to come in around 11:30. I realize that this is a virus and it just needs to run it's course....but I really need some pain meds and cough medication to help me cope with the symptoms and allow me to function when my family is home tonight. I have taken some advil, so hopefully in about 30 minutes I will feel well enough to take a shower and head out in this nasty sleety weather to get some medication. I really wish my hubby would come home early from work and take care of me, but he is saving his time off for hunting. ANYWAYS, this flu is the road block in my body transformation I have no appetite and I have no energy to exercise. I forced myself to eat, but it was high carbs/high calorie comfort foods. On top of everything, my monthly female visitor arrived, so I am retaining water and craving chocolate. It just never ends.....

HOWEVER, I refuse to let these little bumps in the road ruin my progress. Hopefully by next week, I can get back on track and continue on my journey. We still have 12 weeks in our Weight Loss Challenge, so surely one-week won't set me back too far. I am anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to arrive so that I can embrace an outdoor evening walk with the children.
I am going to take a few moments and veg out and hopefully save up enough energy for a shower. Seriously......taking the shower will wipe me out. This flu is nasty!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Body Transformation Journey

I decided to establish a New Year's Resolution this year and I roped in about 7 other friends to join me. We all wanted to shed a few pounds and get healthier for 2008.

For me, I really wanted to make a promise to myself to exercise daily and start eating healthier. I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, but I did want to lose some inches and tone up my entire body.

I have never really been overweight. I have always been able to eat whatever I wanted and did not have to worry about my weight. After turning 30 and having a baby, I realized that my metabolism had slowed way down. Over about a year's time, I gained about 10-pounds. Now, one might not see this is a huge gain, but if I continued to gain 10 pounds every year, I would easily weigh over 200 pounds by the time I turned 40. That thought scared me to death. It also scared my husband! His mother is overweight....actually she is obese. Not only has her weight contributed to high blood pressure, diabetes, bad knees and sleep apneia....she cannot really enjoy her grandchildren the way that she would like to. I know that it has been difficult on my husband to watch his mother decline over the years. When I gained the 10-pounds, my husband was vocal about his dislike for my extra padding. When I wanted to have another baby, he told me that I had to lose weight before he would consider having another child.....that was all the motivation that I needed.....I started Weight Watchers and joined the gym and I dropped 15 pounds in about 4 months.....then I got pregnant. I only gained 30 pounds with the pregnancy.

My baby is now 1-year old. My how times flies! Over this last year, I have lost all of the baby weight and now I weigh about 1-pound less than I did when I got pregnant. What is amazing is the way that my clothing fits. Since starting this Body Transformation Journey in January, I have dropped one pant/dress size already. It has only been 7 weeks and I have lost 7 pounds since I first stepped on the scales. I hope to continue to lose about a pound per week. Our official challenge ends in May - right before Memorial Day. My goal is to buy a bikini and feel confident in wearing it at the pool. My other goal is to be the same size I was when I started dating my husband...well, I have met that goal. Last weekend I wore a little black cocktail dress to my sorority formal....I wore that exact same dress back in December of 2000 to a holiday party with my then my hubby.

Now, some people look at me and say that losing weight is EASY for me....that is SO NOT TRUE!!! I have to be conscience non-stop about what I put in my mouth. I also HAVE TO exercise. For my body and my metabolism, I find that I need to alternate daily between cardio and strength training. Not only does exercising help me feel better and gives me energy, it helps build muscle...which burns calories a lot faster than fat does.

EATING is my downfall. I absolutely LOVE food and soda pop. I try and always choose diet soda, but sometimes I just want a real Coca-Cola. I have done really well with taking my lunch to work each day and packing healthy food. I just feel hungry - a lot. It is always very difficult for me to pass up sweet treats. I do try and drink a lot of water and green tea, but I still splurge on soda pop daily.

If I am to meet my ultimate goal between now and Memorial Day, I am going to need to commit to following the WW points and stick to them....NO EXCUSES!!! I need to commit to keeping a daily food journal and logging my food consumption and how I was feeling that day...or why I ate what I ate. I need to commit to exercising matter what!

Life is a Marathon....not a sprint. Same goes for my Body Transformation Journey!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ego Destroyed

So, I don't really consider myself to have a huge ego or anything like that, but I am a confident person none the less. Well yesterday my ego was crushed. I am attending the State Leadership Conference for BPA. Business Professional of America is a student organization through the Tech College and I am an advisor. Last night I was eating dinner with two of the student members. One of the students was chatting about his job at Wal-mart and how they are required to card anyone who attempts to buy cigarettes if you suspect that they are under the age of 27. The non-Walmart student asked the Wally Cashier how he determined whether or not to card. The Wally cashier said that a lot of factors were considered - how they are acting; how they dressed; and by their facial age. Then he said it ---- "Take Mrs. Cooper for example. I can tell by the wrinkles on her forehead and between her eyes that she is older than 27." I was mortified!!!! I wanted to reach across the table and punch him in the face. I refrained and just said that my wrinkles were from wisdom, 3 children, and teaching at the Tech College. Granted, neither of these two students are in my direct class, so it was not like I was insulting them directly to their they just did me!!!! Now, I realize that I am no longer in my late twenties and this summer I will embark on the ripe ole age of 35....but I am not really THAT old. I could easily live to be into my 80's....which would mean I have 50 more years to rock out in this fabulous life. This cocky, yet clueless individual had better hope that he never tells his wife anything remotely similar to what he said to me. Also, this guy's nick name is 'butter', as he needs to lose a few pounds. I so wanted to get up and kick-box his arse into the next booth.

After dinner they needed to stop by Wal-mart for study supplies. I so wanted to make a walk through the beauty supply aisle for wrinkle cream! I refrained, but I can guarantee you that I am going shopping this weekend

Monday, February 11, 2008

Heart Dance Hangover

The hubby and I attended the Beta Sigm Phi Benefit Heart Dance on Saturday night. As a member of Beta Sigma Phi, supporting this charitable event is one of the annual events that we attend as a couple. My husband is not the most social individual, but he dusted off his dress shoes and made a valiant effort for his wife. It was also my Valentine Gift, so he scored bonus points. Our evening started off with dinner at Bruff's with my fellow sorority sisters. We have a fairly large group and Bruff's was busy, so we spent about 2 1/2 hours in there total. I am sure that they did not mind, as most everyone was drinking and eating steak. However, I am a bit concerned that some of the other patrons were offended by our 'naughty' gift exchange. One person received anal beads....not exactly a family friendly conversation topic. Our next trip was to the Country Club, where my hubby and I sat in the parking lot and chugged beer and listened to Vanilla Ice. It was just like high school. We ventured inside the event and found our seats and bought some "Queen Cash" for the mock Vegas Style gambling and silent auction. I had another drink and was feeling pretty chatty. The hubby gambled and doubled our money, while I walked around and harrassed people. Our family physician was there, my chiropractor was there, and even my 11-year old's 6th grade teachers were present. Gosh...a lot of important people for me to embarass myself in front of. We decided to take our wad of Queen Cash and bid on some auction items and then headed into the dance for the main event - Drunk Julie Stripper Dancing!!!! After consuming a few more adult beverages, my inhibitions were lowered and I proceeded to grind on anyone who would let me....granted, they were mostly my sorority sisters, so the damage was minimal. I did attempt to give the hubby a lap dance in the corner, but he is not really into public displays of affection, so I took my act back onto the dance floor for a little Prince and 'Pussy Control'. The dance ended much too soon for my likings, but it was time for me to take my drunk arse home. The hubby was kind enough to bring the vehicle up to the door for me. The rest is history! I did manage to win a 1-hour massage from some local salon that no one has ever heard about - so we will see how that works out.

Sunday was a different internal alarm went off and I was wide awake at 5:45 a.m. I managed to stumble down the hall into the kitchen to retrieve some Excedrin, an ice pack and some water. The whole house was spinning, so I went back to bed. I never fell back to sleep, but I just laid there - horrified as I recalled the previous evening's events. After a few hours, I attempted to get back up. The house was not spinning nearly as bad, so I took a shower in an attempt to feel better. I am still amazed at the destruction we did to the house....there were clothing items and gift bags and random 'stuff' just thrown all over the kitchen from the night before. I picked up the mess and fixed the house before the hubby arose.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC evening. Lucky for my sake, the Heart Dance only happens once a year. I could not survive an evening like this very often.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Morning After.....

HOLY CRAP is all I can say the morning after my 1st ever spray tanning experience.

History - I am going to a semi-formal fundraising dance tonight and wanted to have a little color against my little black cocktail dress....

The Morning After Results......I am twice as dark this morning as I was last night when I went to bed. When I walked past the bathroom mirror this morning, I had to take a double take. Then I looked down at my feet and HOLY looks likeI dunked my feet in a pale of chocolate pudding!!! I tried to take a photo for you, but it did not do it justice! Note to self.....wipe off your feet better next time. On a happy note, my legs look fabulous!!!! I can usually tan in a regular tanning bed, but it takes numerous sessions and my legs never really 'that' tan....well, I am very happy with these results. Now, the down side....the stinch!!! I was not supposed to get my skin wet for at least 8-hours. The tanning spray has some weird chemical reaction with your skin and it has an odor. Not a bad odor...just a very distinct 'fake tanning' odor. After sleeping with this stuff on my skin, I am kinda stinky. I am headed to the shower soon to 'de-funk' myself and hopefully lighten up the my feet with some exfoiliant. Oh well, it will be dark inside the dance, so no one will really notice my pudding feet. I am also banking on everyone being drunk and not realizing that I went from a pastey honky-white girl on Thursday to a golden-bronze babe by Saturday!!!!

In the end, I would still recommend the spray tanning for a quick and safe tan. Since I was new to the spray tanning, I was able to purchase 2 sessions for $20. I am going to save the next session until right before summer and bikini season!!!

Are you laughing yet???????????????

I guess I have should purchased this product!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And the winner is.........

It is official....a one-year old can make a 4-year old boy CRY. Seth
comes tearing down the hallway, screeching at a level that only dogs could
hear. I could not really understand anything coming from his little
mouth, other than Karah did something to him. As I dashed off the couch
to investigate, I discovered that Karah had stolen his juice pouch and had
crunched it between her two tiny hands. She was toddling down the hallway
with her treasure in hand, like a trophy she had just won for a 1st place
wrestling match. Seth then attempted to grab the juice pouch from her and
we had a little 'rumble' in the hallway. I stood there and watched them
wrestle over the empty pouch and was amazed at the entertainment value I
found in the situation. Karah was the winner hands-down and Seth was
devastated. I separated the two competitors and provided Seth with a new
juice pouch and redirected Karah's attention to toys in the living room.
You Go Girl!!! Karah Rocks!!
I did feel bad for Seth! He had real crocodile tears streaming down his little face.


I am not sure how much snow we received, but school has been closed! Woo Hoo! I am going to enjoy the day with my children and hopefully get a few things done around the house. My biggest goal is to get the valentine's done for the preschooler! I also hope to attempt the Yoga positions again.

It is marathon....not a sprint. I keep telling myself that.

Hump Day

After my intense post on Tuesday, I have decided to lighten things up a bit. This comes after reading another portion of the book 'The Secret'. This was a Christmas Gift that Ireceived from a cherished friend. I need to read it daily to inspire me and remind me about 'The Secret' in life and how to achieve that place. Check out the 8-FABU-LESS ladies blog (see my favorites for the link). I entered a comical post about my exercise routine today. It is worth reading!!!

We have several inches of snow on the ground this morning. It is pretty, but will be a mess to get around in. Luckily I don't have to be in my cubicle until 8:20 this morning, so I have a little time to drive slowly.

Tonight I am making dessert for a celebration at school on Thursday. I am a little nervous, as I am trying to eat healthier, yet we are having pizza and pop and brownies......then Thursday night I have a sorority dinner. Then Saturday is the Heart Dance and dinner out for steak! Maybe I can dance away all of the calories on Saturday night!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pondering over Blog Topic

Ah, it is another fabulous weather day in Kansas....NOT. It is cold and wet and miserable. Yesterday was sunshine and 60 degrees....but today is the total opposite. We woke to a thunderstorm.....and it is February. Then it was raining and blowing horribly when I had to lug the kiddos from the vehicle into daycare. It stopped raining for a short time mid-morning and now it is drizzling and frigid. We have snow on the way, so better batten down the hatches and get ready for a chilly night.

The reason I am pondering over the Blog Topic is it is death. I guess I will start from the beginning. A friend of the family has been sick with cancer. He was diagnosed with pancreas and liver cancer about 2-weeks ago and given about 6-months to a year to live. This was devastating to his family. He has 3 grown children, and I have been friends with his daughter for many years. Not close friends, but have lunch occasionally and exchange e-mail photos of the children, etc. Well, when my aunt was over on Sunday, she told me that Jack was not doing well and they had readmitted him to the hospital. I guess he was just in severe pain and suffering. On Monday morning at 3:00 a.m. I awoke and had this strong feeling that Jack had passed on. I laid there for about 30-minutes thinking about his family and how they would handle the passing of their 64 year old husband, father and grandfather. I eventually went back to sleep and did not really think about it again until my aunt called mid-morning to tell me that Jack passed away at 3 a.m. Now, I am freaked out at this point. Why would I wake up around 3:00 a.m. and have a feeling about Jack???? I am not really that close to him or his family. My only explanation is that his situation was weighing heavy on my mind right before I went to sleep the night before.

The bizarre visions continue....late Monday morning I was headed to the doctor's office and I had a strong feeling that I would run into my grandparents there. Well, I pulled into the parking lot and decided that since it was sooooo full that I would just park at the empty end and walk the few extra feet, rather than try and find a closer parking spot. As with any familiar parking lot, we usually park in the same area each time we go (like Wal-mart for example), but on Monday, I went the complete opposite of where I normally go and pulled into a parking stall right next to my grandafther's truck!!! I am freaked out once again!!! I then got into the office and there they sat...waiting to see Dr. Detweiler. I rationalized this coincidence because I had talked to my grandmother on Sunday afternoon and she told me that she needed to see the doctor about her foot. She complained about the automated phone at the doctor's office, so I told her to press zero and then just ask the operator for her doctor's nurse. I knew that there would be a good chance that they would be into the doctor's office at some point on Monday....but how ironic that we both had appointments at 11:30 and that we parked right next to one another.

I guess it made me realize that there is a power greater than us guiding us through this hectic, crazy world. We have little control over anything. Jack's untimely death just made me more in tune with my emotions and realized that it could happen to anyone at anytime...including me. I worry about my grandparents and their health and their age. My grandfather will be 87 in June and he is still driving and they live on their own. I know that they cannot live forever, but the thought of them passing on is very hard for me. I am not close to my mother or my father, but my grandparents have always been there for me. Anyways, I called my grandmother today and they were both feeling I felt better.

Well, I guess I should probably get some work done this afternoon, as I need to jet out right at 3:30 to pick up the kiddos.....daycare lady is going to a basketball game out of town!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Only In Kansas......

My husband is a HUGE waterfowl hunter. The spring goose season is his most active time of the year to go hunting and he plans for months in advance for this brief window during the year. Granted, he goes hunting for ducks, deer, turkey, and other things throughout the year, but geese are his favorite. His nickname is "Gooseslayer" if that tells you anything. At any rate, he has been spending every free moment over the last few weeks and days building an electronic goose caller. He has pieced together this 'thing' through the internet and Radio Shack and Wal-mart. I can hear him drilling and sawing 'things' in his hobby room and the sounds of snow geese roll outta the basement. But today he took it to an entirely new level. He took the electronic call outside to test out. Yes, he turned our backyard into a simulated wheat field with the sounds of geese. I was mortified, as I envisioned the neighbors wondering what the hell he was doing?!?!?! I do have to give him credit though.....because had he purchased a new electronic goose caller it would have cost around $700 and he was able to build one for about $150. He has also stolen my MP3 player, but has promised me an iPod for our Anniversary next month, so all is not lost. I get something new outta this entire situation. If I can figure out how to add sound to this blog post....I will grant you the gift of hearing the goose sounds....they are saved to my PC, so surely I can figure this out and share it with the world!!!

50 Things About Me

Do you like blue cheese? Not really sure....I have only tried it like twice in my life. I am a Ranch LOVER!!!

Have you ever smoked heroin? HELL NO!!! I am a control freak...drugs scare me!!!

Do you own a gun? I don't, but the hubby has several hunting guns!

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? Lemon Coke or Cherry Limeade!!! Strawberry Dr. Pepper was my favorite when I worked at Sonic back in the day.

Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Depends on why I am going to the doctor.

What do you think of hot dogs? Love em on the Grill!!! I would choose a grilled hot dog over a steak!!!

Favorite Christmas movie? Elf

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? I start my day with brewed green tea with fresh lemon and honey. Then I follow up with a bottle of water. As I am walking out the door, I grab a diet soda!

Can you do push ups? Not very well. I always end up with my butt up in the air.

Why is there a missing questions here?? That was my question.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry? Diamond Earrings that the hubby gave me on the first Christmas that we were dating.

Favorite hobby? Scrapbooking, Shopping and now BLOGGING.

Another missing question, whoever came up with this one can't count!

Do you have A.D.D.? That is debateable. My mind goes quickly and I often have multiple things going on at once. I am a multi-tasker by nature...but never diagnosed with A.D.D.

Middle name? Jo

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment... I am thirsty. I am hungry. The weather sucks today.

Name 3 things you bought today... Nothing yet, but I am headed to the grocery store soon for beef stock and steel cut oats and pumpkin. (recipe testing today)

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, green tea, and diet soda. (regular if I am treating myself)

Current worry? I am still nursing and have a weird breast infection....sorry to be so graphic.

Current hate right now? Layoffs - our town's largest employer recently announced that they are going to permanently layoff 1500 of the 2400 employees. It does not affect my family directly, but it is a blow for our community. On a positive note, it will increase the enrollment at the Tech College and possibly allow me some opportunities to grow in my job.

Favorite place to be? At home with my family or anywhere with my Gal Pals.

How did you bring in the New Year? At home with the hubby and another couple. We toasted the New Year at 10:00 p.m. and then called it a night.

Where would you like to go? New York City or L.A. - this small town mid-western lady would love to see both coasts at some point in her life.

Name three people who will complete this? Not really sure if anyone reads my blog!!!

Do you own slippers? YES, several pairs. They are the first thing I put on when I get home after a long day of standing on my feet in 3" heels. They are super comfy, but nasty to look at. The hubby hates them.

What shirt are you wearing? Big, oversized sweatshirt.

Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? No, they are too slippery.

Can you whistle? Yes

Favorite color? PINK

Would you be a pirate? No, I tend to get sea sick!

What songs do you sing in the shower? I don't sing in the shower, but I do talk to myself and hash out my day. I always worry that the hubby is listening to me, as I sometimes have arugments with his mother in the shower. (no, she is not with me) Except that one time that she was staying with us and we only had one bathroom and I was in the shower and she needed to pee....the rest is history! Hence - we now have 2 bathrooms!!!

Favorite girl's name? Karah Jo or Madelynn Josephine

Favorite boy's name? Cass Paul or Seth Ryan or Steven James

What's in your pocket right now? No pockets - just sweat pants

Last person that made you laugh? The 4-year old - he was sitting alone in the living room in the dark. He told me he was hiding from the sun.

Best bed sheets as a child? Don't remember having a favorite.

Worst injury you've ever had? Cut my leg the summer before the 6th grade. Had to spend the summer on crutches and could not go swimming.

Do you love where you live? I love my house, but we live on a busy street. I do enjoy the town we live in, but we are hoping to move to an even smaller town. However, with the layoffs (see above), not sure our house will sell.

How many TVs do you have in your house? Don't judge me, but we have 5, living room, family room, master bedroom, 11-year old's room and 4-year old's room. The hubby is a TV junkie.

Who is your loudest friend? Susan Maycock!!!

How many dogs do you have? Cats? One Wacky Cat

Does someone have a crush on you? I have NO idea, but there are some hormone enraged students at the Tech College who like to flirt with me. It grosses me out!!! Now, if the cute guy at GNC has a crush on me, now that would be okay.

OK, ANOTHER one mising - someone messed this up.

What is your favorite book(s)? Anything by James Frey.

What is your favorite candy? I love chocolate covered coconut!

Favorite Sports Team? I could care less!

What song do you want played at your funeral? 'I Hope You Dance' and 'Amazing Grace'

What were you doing 12 AM last night? SLEEPING!!!

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? I need to workout...but the 11-year old is having a sleepover in the family room....should I wake them up?


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello 1988

Today has been another day at home with my youngest. We have all been fighting colds and just feeling yucky all week. The youngest woke me up at 4 a.m. with a high fever, so we stayed home another day and made a trip to the doctor's office. After a $15 co-pay and over an hour waiting on the doctor, we left with a RX for possible strep throat. Baby Girls appeared to be feeling much better after a nap and some motrin, so we ventured out to supper as a family. This is a rare treat for us, as the toddler is usually too wild to be taken in public, but as he gets older, we venture out more often. As we were leaving the restaurant, an elderly couple entered the establishment and the woman was wearing stirrup pants.....that's right ladies.......STIRRUP PANTS! I had to check out her attire several times before I realized it was true. I thought those pants were outlawed after the early 90's, but I guess this poor woman never got the memo. It was really tragic to see someone wearing something so hideous!!! What was even more scary was the fact that you can still purchase these elastic waist jems on the internet at Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clothing is Optional - Another Episode

Okay, so if you have read my previous posts, you would recall that clothing is optional at my house. It is normal routine for both Seth and daddy to strip down to their boxer briefs the moment that they enter the house. Usually TJ's clothes are covered with 'something' from work, so he changes immediately. However, Seth has just gotten in the habit if being comfortable and runs around barely dressed on most occasions. Well this past Sunday, Seth took his habit to a new level.....while attending a birthday party for another 4-year old, Seth decided that it was okay to strip down and bare all to the party goers. Granted, it was just the hostess and myself who were actually blessed with this show of inhibition; but none the less, he felt comfortable enough to run half naked in someone else's home. At first, I was shocked and just stared at him in disbelief. I was holding a sleeping Karah, so the hostess graciously corralled him back into this clothing. A stunned 6-year old emerged from the bathroom just in time to see Seth streaking and replied with "What the????". I was sure that the chaos has settled down and Mr. Seth would abide by the clothing rules, but I should never underestimate a toddler. A few minutes later, we heard giggling and Seth came running back through the house undressed. At this point, Karah was awake, so I sat her on the floor and scooped up the little monster and we got dressed for a second time and then we left. No one seemed phased by his actions, so I took the experience with a grain of salt and left with my dignity. He is only 4 years old...after all.

Infomercial Addict

My name is Julie and I am a 'Shop-A-Holic'.

I have actually toned down my shopping sprees and rarely splurge on anything unless I have the cash in hand....which is true about today's purchase! WEN Healthy Haircare System!

After my body transformation is complete in May, I will need sexy hair to go along with my sexy body! Speaking of hubby thinks that I need to get a Brazilian Wax?!?!?!? We were watching Real Life Housewives of Orange County and Vicki treated her assistant to a makeover, which included a Brazilian Wax. The hubby was not familiar with these aesthetic treatments, so I enlightened him. Well, now he thinks that I need to 'try it out' just once. I am not sure that my pain threshold will allow for me to voluntarily have someone rip the hair outta my
'who-ha'...not to mention that I will have to pay someone to do this for me! Any comments from the Peanut Gallery???? If you don't know what a Brazilian Wax is...check out this link at Wikipedia -

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My life is a country song....

Okay, so this is really a silly post, but something that totally annoys me about the MIL is how she is constantly quoting County Music songs. Her favorite quote right now is "Everyone dies famous in a small town." It is a great song and love Miranda Lambert, but every time that MIL makes a quote, I just want to vomit!!!! First of all, she never seems to use the quote with the right reminds me of when Joey keeps using the quotation marks to Ross, yet they are always used at the wrong times. Friends is a comedy on TV....the MIL is NOT a comedian. I think that she is trying to be funny and witty....but it comes across as awkward and embarrassing. I realize this has nothing to do with anything....but it is annoying and I needed to get it off my chest before I exploded at her. She is a huge GAC fan, so I am always hearing about videos. I have told her countless times that I do not watch GAC; but she continues to ask me 'Did you see that new video by....?' I always politely say No, I don't have time to watch GAC. I have a job and a husband and three children and hobbies and a life.....I don't lay around all day and night, watching TV and trying to relate my every move to a Country Music Song or Video. It is really pathetic and I am trying to be patient for the hubby's sake. He cannot help that his mother is an emotional mental case and his father is emotionally unavailable.

Speaking of uncontrollable parents.....

Next you have my father who is clueless to life outside of his own little world. He came to town last week to celebrate Karah's birthday. He was at a work conference in Manhattan and thought since he was so close to us (what the f????) that he would come over one evening and visit. The almost 62 year old man got lost leaving Manhattan, so was late to begin with. Then, he took another wrong turn and ended up in Matfield Green before he realized that he missed Highway 50. SERIOUSLY????? He finally arrived at our house shortly after 8 p.m. There is no way that my children could have waited til 8:00 p.m. to eat supper, so I fed them earlier. After visiting for a short while, my father and I left for dinner at Applebee's. He had a gift card, so he wanted to treat me to dinner. My father had been in Manhattan at a conference for his new job....he is an Enumerator for the State of Kansas. I have a business card to prove it. (sarcastic tone) The entire ride over to the restaurant was miserable. He told me, in depth, about the food and breakfast buffet options at his hotel in Manhattan. I also had to hear about the cost of the hotel room and how the State was spending a lot of money on this training. I don't think this man had been inside a hotel, let alone stayed at one in decades. (not joking) Throughout dinner, I had to hear mind-numbing stories about his new job. You would have thought that he was the only person on earth with a job. When the ticket arrived, he handed the waiter his gift card. He was so clueless about how the gift card worked and I was totally embarrassed. Our meal totaled $33, yet the gift card only had $25 on it. He could not understand that he owed the difference. So, he left a $10 and was proud about leaving the waiter a $1.87 tip. WHAT THE???? I still need to go back and leave the poor guy a decent tip. My dad can be kinda rude at times. Plus I was worried that the waiter thought I was his date and not his daughter. My dad has this funky Abe Lincoln beard thing going, so he looks kinda scary and extremely old. When I finally got back home, it was after 10:00 p.m. Seth was still awake and TJ was being an ASS. It was like a twilight zone and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and make the day end. My dad came back into our house and waited while he trucked warmed up. He just stood in my living room while I tried to get Seth settled down for bedtime. TJ hates my father, so he was in the bedroom, being a jerk and refused to help me. Plus, Seth had spilled a cup of milk on our bed, so TJ had stripped down the sheets, but could not find the spare sheets, so he was mad at me for that. I was not even home; yet it was my fault?!?!?!?!? I had to find the sheets, make the bed, get Seth to settle down, all the while my dad is just standing there. It was bizarre. I mean, seriously.....take a seat and relax old man!!!! He finally left and Seth finally calmed down. TJ was still being an ASS...but what's new???? Like I said, he cannot stand my father, so he was pissed off that I agreed to have dinner with the man. Granted, my father only comes around at his convenience, which makes TJ angry. But I see no point in being rude to the man. We only see him a few times a year and visit with him on the phone about once a week. His presence in our lives is minimal.