Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing for a PARTY!!!

My middle child, Seth Ryan, will be celebrating his 5th Birthday on Tuesday, July 29th. I am in a mad rush to get the house cleaned up before the big party. On the morning of his birthday, we are having a small gathering with just a few friends from preschool. Seth wants a race car themed party, so I am going to decorate the house to look like a pit stop at the races and I am planning some race track themed activities. I am also serving chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes. After the guests leave from he morning party, I will be in a mad dash to get his Race Track Cake decorated and reorganize the house for the evening, family party. Both sets of grand parents will be on hand, so beware!!! We are having pizza, cake and homemade ice cream. All I can say is YUM-O. I will post photos after the big event.

Probably the MOST exciting thing about celebrating his 5th birthday is that our immediate family is making a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese on Sunday. That is all Seth asked for, so we are going as a family to let the kiddos run around. I imagine that Seth's head will just about explode when we enter those doors. Plus, I am certain that Karah Jo will be running around like a striped ass ape for the entire time we are there. Afterwards, we need to make a stop at Target and then back home.

In the meantime, I feel like a crazed maniac trying to get the house organized and cleaned up and some what presentable before the day-long adventure on Tuesday! Wish me luck!!!