Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seth's 5th Birthday

Well, we survived the Birthday celebration for our 5-year old. It was a fun-filled day, which started out with a small gathering at our house for Seth and a few friends from preschool. The kiddos played and also created a birthday poster for Seth to hang in his room to memorialize the occasionl. That evening, we had a family party which included the Cooper's, the Watts', and the Rathke's. We ate pizza, cake and homemade ice cream. Seth even helped mommy decorate the cake! Seth had a blast and received many nice cards and gifts. We also took the immediate family to Chuck-E-Cheese the Sunday before his birthday and celebrated with 3 hours of arcade games!!!

Happy Birthday to my Seth Ryan!!! Mommy loves you!!!


Shel said...

I can't believe Seth is five! Time really does fly.