Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick and Tired......

.....of being Sick and Tired. This flu is about to test my patience. I have been feeling lousy for an entire week. Granted, it started out just as a scratchy throat, but has been a week. To make matters worse, the baby came down with a fever on Saturday. UGH!!!!

Oh, and don't forget about the SNOW! It is the last week of February......and Spring officially begins in less than one month.....and we have more snow!!!!

I am seriously on the verge of being depressed! The hubby, who has luckily not been a victim of the flu, cannot relate. He gets to go snow goose hunting on Sunday. As much as I love my children and cherish their very being....I am ready for a day without being sick and a day without being stuck inside this house. If the baby is still running a fever on Sunday, we won't have the luxury of leaving. At this point, I would enjoy anything that would get me outta the house. Time will tell.

On a positive note, the oldest child who had the flu earlier this week is doing much better and bounced back quickly. Maybe the anti-viral medication actually worked on him!