Friday, February 15, 2008

Ego Destroyed

So, I don't really consider myself to have a huge ego or anything like that, but I am a confident person none the less. Well yesterday my ego was crushed. I am attending the State Leadership Conference for BPA. Business Professional of America is a student organization through the Tech College and I am an advisor. Last night I was eating dinner with two of the student members. One of the students was chatting about his job at Wal-mart and how they are required to card anyone who attempts to buy cigarettes if you suspect that they are under the age of 27. The non-Walmart student asked the Wally Cashier how he determined whether or not to card. The Wally cashier said that a lot of factors were considered - how they are acting; how they dressed; and by their facial age. Then he said it ---- "Take Mrs. Cooper for example. I can tell by the wrinkles on her forehead and between her eyes that she is older than 27." I was mortified!!!! I wanted to reach across the table and punch him in the face. I refrained and just said that my wrinkles were from wisdom, 3 children, and teaching at the Tech College. Granted, neither of these two students are in my direct class, so it was not like I was insulting them directly to their they just did me!!!! Now, I realize that I am no longer in my late twenties and this summer I will embark on the ripe ole age of 35....but I am not really THAT old. I could easily live to be into my 80's....which would mean I have 50 more years to rock out in this fabulous life. This cocky, yet clueless individual had better hope that he never tells his wife anything remotely similar to what he said to me. Also, this guy's nick name is 'butter', as he needs to lose a few pounds. I so wanted to get up and kick-box his arse into the next booth.

After dinner they needed to stop by Wal-mart for study supplies. I so wanted to make a walk through the beauty supply aisle for wrinkle cream! I refrained, but I can guarantee you that I am going shopping this weekend