Monday, February 11, 2008

Heart Dance Hangover

The hubby and I attended the Beta Sigm Phi Benefit Heart Dance on Saturday night. As a member of Beta Sigma Phi, supporting this charitable event is one of the annual events that we attend as a couple. My husband is not the most social individual, but he dusted off his dress shoes and made a valiant effort for his wife. It was also my Valentine Gift, so he scored bonus points. Our evening started off with dinner at Bruff's with my fellow sorority sisters. We have a fairly large group and Bruff's was busy, so we spent about 2 1/2 hours in there total. I am sure that they did not mind, as most everyone was drinking and eating steak. However, I am a bit concerned that some of the other patrons were offended by our 'naughty' gift exchange. One person received anal beads....not exactly a family friendly conversation topic. Our next trip was to the Country Club, where my hubby and I sat in the parking lot and chugged beer and listened to Vanilla Ice. It was just like high school. We ventured inside the event and found our seats and bought some "Queen Cash" for the mock Vegas Style gambling and silent auction. I had another drink and was feeling pretty chatty. The hubby gambled and doubled our money, while I walked around and harrassed people. Our family physician was there, my chiropractor was there, and even my 11-year old's 6th grade teachers were present. Gosh...a lot of important people for me to embarass myself in front of. We decided to take our wad of Queen Cash and bid on some auction items and then headed into the dance for the main event - Drunk Julie Stripper Dancing!!!! After consuming a few more adult beverages, my inhibitions were lowered and I proceeded to grind on anyone who would let me....granted, they were mostly my sorority sisters, so the damage was minimal. I did attempt to give the hubby a lap dance in the corner, but he is not really into public displays of affection, so I took my act back onto the dance floor for a little Prince and 'Pussy Control'. The dance ended much too soon for my likings, but it was time for me to take my drunk arse home. The hubby was kind enough to bring the vehicle up to the door for me. The rest is history! I did manage to win a 1-hour massage from some local salon that no one has ever heard about - so we will see how that works out.

Sunday was a different internal alarm went off and I was wide awake at 5:45 a.m. I managed to stumble down the hall into the kitchen to retrieve some Excedrin, an ice pack and some water. The whole house was spinning, so I went back to bed. I never fell back to sleep, but I just laid there - horrified as I recalled the previous evening's events. After a few hours, I attempted to get back up. The house was not spinning nearly as bad, so I took a shower in an attempt to feel better. I am still amazed at the destruction we did to the house....there were clothing items and gift bags and random 'stuff' just thrown all over the kitchen from the night before. I picked up the mess and fixed the house before the hubby arose.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC evening. Lucky for my sake, the Heart Dance only happens once a year. I could not survive an evening like this very often.