Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And the winner is.........

It is official....a one-year old can make a 4-year old boy CRY. Seth
comes tearing down the hallway, screeching at a level that only dogs could
hear. I could not really understand anything coming from his little
mouth, other than Karah did something to him. As I dashed off the couch
to investigate, I discovered that Karah had stolen his juice pouch and had
crunched it between her two tiny hands. She was toddling down the hallway
with her treasure in hand, like a trophy she had just won for a 1st place
wrestling match. Seth then attempted to grab the juice pouch from her and
we had a little 'rumble' in the hallway. I stood there and watched them
wrestle over the empty pouch and was amazed at the entertainment value I
found in the situation. Karah was the winner hands-down and Seth was
devastated. I separated the two competitors and provided Seth with a new
juice pouch and redirected Karah's attention to toys in the living room.
You Go Girl!!! Karah Rocks!!
I did feel bad for Seth! He had real crocodile tears streaming down his little face.