Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road Block Ahead

Had I known last week that I would hit a ROAD BLOCK this week, I would have made a few changes to my food choices. I am at home with the flu...not the stomach flu....but the upper respritory type. I am miserable....fever, headache, body aches, dry cough, extremely sore throat, and exhaustion. I spent the majority of Wednesday in bed, sleeping. I tried to call my normal doctor, but they never returned my phone calls, so I drug my sick arse down to the open clinic at our local health department late yesterday afternoon. That was a complete waste of time, as "Dr. Mike" was an arrogant jerk and told me to eat honey and that I should be feeling better by Monday. I was annoyed. I came home and did the best I could in dealing with the family. Today, I am feeling a little better, but I am still sick. I called my normal doctor again and they have told me to come in around 11:30. I realize that this is a virus and it just needs to run it's course....but I really need some pain meds and cough medication to help me cope with the symptoms and allow me to function when my family is home tonight. I have taken some advil, so hopefully in about 30 minutes I will feel well enough to take a shower and head out in this nasty sleety weather to get some medication. I really wish my hubby would come home early from work and take care of me, but he is saving his time off for hunting. ANYWAYS, this flu is the road block in my body transformation I have no appetite and I have no energy to exercise. I forced myself to eat, but it was high carbs/high calorie comfort foods. On top of everything, my monthly female visitor arrived, so I am retaining water and craving chocolate. It just never ends.....

HOWEVER, I refuse to let these little bumps in the road ruin my progress. Hopefully by next week, I can get back on track and continue on my journey. We still have 12 weeks in our Weight Loss Challenge, so surely one-week won't set me back too far. I am anxiously awaiting the warmer weather to arrive so that I can embrace an outdoor evening walk with the children.
I am going to take a few moments and veg out and hopefully save up enough energy for a shower. Seriously......taking the shower will wipe me out. This flu is nasty!