Sunday, March 16, 2008

KUDOS to the Hubby!

Today (March 16th) is our 6th wedding anniversary! My husband has been nagging me all week long about what we are doing. To be honest, I am simply too tired to try and plan some fabulous celebration, the he will be less than thrilled with and complain that I spent money. So basically, aside from having a family dinner with my side of the family for an early Easter celebration, I had nothing planned. Nor did I get the hubby anything. He could care less about greeting cards and I have learned over the last 8 years never to purchase him anything unless he gave me a specific list....he is worse than Rachel on Friend's. At any rate, I just figured it would be a typical weekend, so why bother putting any energy into something and then being disappointed......

On Saturday, I went scrapbooking from 10 til 5 and the hubby stayed at home with the kiddos. I had had this event planned for over 3 weeks and I was looking forward to my free time to just hang with some Scrappy Gals and be creative. When I arrived home shortly after 5:00, I was pleasantly greeted with a vase of yellow roses and a Pink Zune MP3 player!!! I was shocked and surprised and excited and PROUD. My husband loaded up three children and went shopping for me!!! The roses are pretty and the Zune is AWESOME!!! It does way more than the MP3 player that was last year's Mother's Day Gift...which the husband has stolen from me. I am thrilled and very happy with my husband. I have already uploaded music and photos and other neat stuff to my new toy. Now my daily walks will be even better as I will have static free music, plus, the Zune is PINK. (The Zune is the Microsoft version of an IPod)

To make the husband look even more fabulous....he had an opportunity to attend the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City and watch KU play, but since it was our anniversary and my family's Easter dinner, he declined. I know that must have hurt him a little....okay, A LOT....but he made the decision all on his own. I told him that I would not be upset if he went to the game, as long as I was allowed to spend the same amount of money on new clothes that he would spend on tickets, gas and food. I am very happy and touched that he chose his family over the Big 12 Tournament. I guess he does love me after all.