Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Again

Well, it is Monday morning again! I had a great weekend and I started out my week with some cardio and lower body toning. My elliptical needs to have the batteries changed, so it was a pretty weak cardio attempt, but at least I got my body moving. The scales were my friend today, so I was pleased with the number....132.0. I have this obsession with the scales and checking my weight daily. I have heard conflicting advice about my daily weight checks...but Mondays are typically my official weigh in Thursday when I log my weight for the FABU-less ladies challenge. At any rate, I was happy with the number and it reaffirmed to me that my scales are not broken.

I do seriously need some help with my food choices. I was horrible all weekend long! I would eat something healthy like carrots and watermelon, then end my meal with ice cream. And for supper on Sunday night, all I had was ice cream! I did go shopping and bought tons of fresh veggies and fruit, so let's hope I can stick to my WW points this week.

Well, I need to get busy! My students are calling me!