Friday, March 21, 2008

9-lives and counting.....

First of all....I need to preface this post that I am not a huge animal lover. It goes back to when I was 17 and my mother moved me around to a lot of different rental properties and I had to give my adorable puppy away. I was heart broken and vowed that I would never get attached to another animal.

Anyways....we have a cat....her name is Sadie Mae. Sadie was a gift to my son on his 4th birthday. Let me just say that a kitten is NOT a good birthday gift for a 4-year old. Granted, he was thrilled and we had some fabulous Kodak Moments....followed by weeks of scratches and tears. 8-years later....the cat is still a part of our family. She is a very moody are most cats. When she does not like something....she vomits! This morning, I awoke to a fresh pile of cat puke just under my chair, next to this computer. She is a smart cat....she knew that hubby or I would be on the computer first thing and we would see the little gift she left for us and hopefully get the message that 'she is upset'. The only thing I can figure that she is annoyed with is Spring Break and the fact that I have been home all week, along with the two youngest children. It has upset her routine of napping and roaming the empty house for hours on end. Well sorry Miss Pukey Pants...I pay the mortgage, so just deal with it! Yesterday we had a playdate with some friends, so the added chaos in the house probably set her over the edge. I guess she will just have to wait a few more days until Monday rolls back around and we are back into our normal routine and grove. In the meantime, hubby has some cleaning up to do this morning. We have a rule....daddy cleans up cat puke and mommy cleans up kiddo puke.

Does anyone else have moody pets???? Mine is horrible and she is lucky to be alive after she puked on my scrapbook table and peed on my ironing board!