Friday, April 11, 2008

What's New???

I have started attending a local fitness center. I signed up through my job at a discounted rate and the monthly fee comes directly out of my paycheck. It is super easy and I really like the accountability of going to the gym. I have gone for the last three days and met up with fellow sorority sisters. On Wednesday night, we went to a PiYo class. It is a combination of Pilates and Yoga. I really enjoyed this activity. It required a lot of concentration and balance. It was challenging and relaxing all at the same time. My muscles are still sore today, but I am looking forward to being in class next Wednesday. I continue to trim up and slim down my body. Bathing suit season will be here soon and I really need to get my mid-section toned up a little more. My arms are looking better every week and I should be ready for those summer tank tops when the temperatures finally reach that point. Eating healthy continues to be my hardest obstacle, as the family would much rather have sloppy joes and french fries and ice cream. Oh well, I can make them as healthy as possible, eat smaller portions and pair it up with a salad. Ice Cream will be my weekly reward as I strive to fit into those next smaller size clothing.
I have recently been reading blogs about organizing and menu planning. Check out the links in my favorites!
Happy Friday!