Sunday, March 9, 2008

Karah's 1st Wagon Ride - March 9, 2008

It was a beautiful day outside....warmer temperatures and sunshine, so I begged the hubby to drag the wagon out of the shed so that I could take a stroll with the kiddos. It was Karah's 1st Official Wagon Ride and she did great. Neither of the kiddos attempted to jump ship during our 45 minute - 2 mile hike. It was gorgeous weather and a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. An added bonus - it was definitely a complete body workout!!! My legs were busy keeping up the pace....while my abs were engaged and helped keep my core strong...while my arms got a fabulous workout pulling that wagon up and down the hills. Not sure I could handle a workout like that daily, but I am going to strive to get out and walk daily!!! The Walk Across Kansas incentive has started and I joined a team with the other Fabu-Less Ladies, so I have yet another incentive to get out and move!!!
Only one more week til SPRING BREAK!!!