Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My how the times have changed....

Okay, so I don't really consider myself THAT old....I mean, I was born in 1973. I am no where near ancient by any means....but with that being said, the hubby found it quite comical yesterday when we ventured down into our family room. My oldest son, who is 11, had a friend over after school. What my hubby saw was, well, ridiculous....two 11 year old boys, sitting on the reclining love seat - with their feet propped up, both with laptop computers on their laps, watching the big screen TV, eating a canister of Pringles, drinking sodas, and one boy was on his cell phone chatting. Are we raising children or preparing our nation for a group of laid back technology addicted robots??? Okay, so it was my fault (kinda)....when I got home, I put up the baby gate to keep the toddler from getting downstairs and I was busy upstairs and I never invaded their space. But in my defense, I was just trying to respect my son's privacy and not embarrass him, like I do on most days. I will say, when my son's friend left, he was very polite and thanked me for having him over!!! I was impressed, as all I usually get out of my son is 'whatever' accompanied with eye rolls and a loud SIGH.

Now, when I was 11, I can remember spending HOURS outside with my neighborhood friends. We rode our bikes and made forts and played house and used our imagination. I do remember that we had 1 television in the house, but my step-father had priority, so we either watched fishing shows or did not watch TV at all. We had ONE phone and it was attached to the wall in the kitchen with a LONG spiral cord, which was stretched out over the years of my mother talking on the phone and trying to stretch it as far as she could. I think she was hiding from us most of the time. At any rate, I hope that at the end of the day, I can sleep knowing that I am raising a responsible human being, who will someday run this country that we live in. I just pray that he does not throw me into a nursing home and lock the door and run.

Dinner Time - we had pork steak, Lipton Noodles and corn on the cob. My hubby said that the meat was wonderful...but the 11 year old did not touch his food....hmmm, could it have been the Pringle's?????


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