Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clothing is Optional - Another Episode

Okay, so if you have read my previous posts, you would recall that clothing is optional at my house. It is normal routine for both Seth and daddy to strip down to their boxer briefs the moment that they enter the house. Usually TJ's clothes are covered with 'something' from work, so he changes immediately. However, Seth has just gotten in the habit if being comfortable and runs around barely dressed on most occasions. Well this past Sunday, Seth took his habit to a new level.....while attending a birthday party for another 4-year old, Seth decided that it was okay to strip down and bare all to the party goers. Granted, it was just the hostess and myself who were actually blessed with this show of inhibition; but none the less, he felt comfortable enough to run half naked in someone else's home. At first, I was shocked and just stared at him in disbelief. I was holding a sleeping Karah, so the hostess graciously corralled him back into this clothing. A stunned 6-year old emerged from the bathroom just in time to see Seth streaking and replied with "What the????". I was sure that the chaos has settled down and Mr. Seth would abide by the clothing rules, but I should never underestimate a toddler. A few minutes later, we heard giggling and Seth came running back through the house undressed. At this point, Karah was awake, so I sat her on the floor and scooped up the little monster and we got dressed for a second time and then we left. No one seemed phased by his actions, so I took the experience with a grain of salt and left with my dignity. He is only 4 years old...after all.