Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Infomercial Addict

My name is Julie and I am a 'Shop-A-Holic'.

I have actually toned down my shopping sprees and rarely splurge on anything unless I have the cash in hand....which is true about today's purchase! WEN Healthy Haircare System!

After my body transformation is complete in May, I will need sexy hair to go along with my sexy body! Speaking of hubby thinks that I need to get a Brazilian Wax?!?!?!? We were watching Real Life Housewives of Orange County and Vicki treated her assistant to a makeover, which included a Brazilian Wax. The hubby was not familiar with these aesthetic treatments, so I enlightened him. Well, now he thinks that I need to 'try it out' just once. I am not sure that my pain threshold will allow for me to voluntarily have someone rip the hair outta my
'who-ha'...not to mention that I will have to pay someone to do this for me! Any comments from the Peanut Gallery???? If you don't know what a Brazilian Wax is...check out this link at Wikipedia -


puppymom said...

This post "cracks" me up! I, too, love the Housewives. That episode made me laugh out loud - a lot! While I am intrigued at the thought of a Brazilian, I cannot imagine the pain/humiliation of having hot wax between my butt cheeks - not to mention the removal process. I would definitely have to have a stranger perform the wax as I could never look at Evy in the eye again. :) --Lori