Sunday, January 27, 2008

Karah's 1st Birthday Party

So, we had a birthday party for Karah Jo on Saturday, January 26th. I had the party at the Tech College in the conference room, as it was free and allowed us all plenty of space. My little kitchen and living room get pretty tight when you start adding extra people, and then I get stressed out about the tight quarters and someone always turns up the heat! The location was great and the weather was fabulous. I enjoyed my daughter and son and husband. The grandparents also attended the party, which always adds a bit of excitement.
First of all, TJ's mother barely spoke two words to me. She was obviously angry at me, which was fine with me. TJ had ripped her ass earlier in the week about his brother, so she was obviously blaming me for that conversation. Whatever!!! I just ignored her behavior and chatted with my aunt. Now, my aunt proceeds to brag about her upcoming retirement and the 3-week vacation/cruise that they are taking soon and her new bathrooms and home remodel project. My uncle retired last June and has been remodeling their is very nice. But not everyone wants to hear about their fabulous lives and their trips and cruises and their perfect children. TJ's mother talks about how she has recently joined a fitness class at the local community college. I guess she was doing some ab work and after three reps could not get up off the ground and needed help. This woman is obese and I am not being mean. She is huge. So then all of us had this mental image of her laying on the ground....'help, I've fallen and cannot get up'. The conversations continue and my aunt talks about how she throws away everything, so TJ's mother gasps as she keeps we have to hear all about the Stretch Armstrong doll that she has in it's original box and it is stored in her attic...along with every other toy and memento from TJ's childhood.
We constantly have the war of the overbearing grandmas. My aunt and TJ's mother are both control freaks. My aunt is loud and bossy, while TJ's mother is the queen of manipulation. So both of them are trying to control the party and Seth. In my attempt to cope without alcohol....I eat 2 1/2 pieces of pizza and a huge piece of cake and a huge scoop of ice cream.
Now, you may be asking...where are the men during this excitement. Well, my uncle is bragging about his retirement to TJ's father...while TJ's father proceeds to tell my uncle all about his manic depression...PTSD....and his bowel problems....yes, diarrhea.....I said it!!!! TJ's father blames all of his problem on the Vietnam War and now he is trying to obtain benefits from the VA hospital so that he can retire early. All the while, TJ has quietly stepped outta the conference room down to the media room and the big screen TV to watch the KU game. My brother and his pregnant fiance are there entertaining the children and helping me clean up. Thank God for them!!!

TJ's mother did ask to see my classroom, as we were at the Tech College. She is a former teacher, so I was dreading this situation. I had to hear all about how she taught a 3rd and 4th grade combo class and how she worked 20 hours a day and devoted her lives to her students...just to be fired by the Board. I also had to hear all about Ashton's first birthday party that was 12 years ago! (Ashton is the first born grand child....TJ's niece)
After we finally got the party cleaned up and the stuff loaded, we headed back to my house. My brother and Beth, along with David and Wanda came back to visit. Again, Wanda barely spoke to me and just played with Seth in his bedroom. David, who is practically deaf, watched TV, while TJ and I put together Karah's birthday gifts and chatted with my brother and Beth.
The guests finally left at 4 p.m. The kiddos and I crashed for a nap, while TJ went out scouting for ducks at Melvern Lake. I think we all just needed a break and some down time.
All in all, it was a good day. I could have done without the 'battle of the grandmas' or the diarrhea talk, but I don't think we had any tears, which was a PLUS in my book.