Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confessions of an Emotional Eater

There they are.....the four boxes of Girl Scout cookies that I just had to order! They are staring me in the face! I restrain....I walk away. But they just keep calling my name. It is like a drug to me! Sugar~Chocolate~Caramel~Coconut

I love the crisp crunch as I take that first bite. I savor it in my mouth and inhale every delicate scent as the rich, buttery morsel slowly melts. I close my eyes...the rush begins! I feel like a drug addict as I wait for that sugar to hit my blood stream. I am at peace!

I love to eat! I crave sweet foods! I crave the fizz of a cold can of soda! I crave that sensation of chocolate melting on my tongue! I dream of ice cream and plan out the next time I can convince my husband that we need to stop at Dairy Queen! Desserts are my favorite!

Food has become my crutch.

If I am having a bad day - I reach for food.

If I am stressed out - I reach for food.

If I am celebrating - I reach for food.

If I am feeling sick - I reach for food.

If I am bored - I reach for food.

This is the pattern that I need to break! I need to relearn how to occupy my time with something other than food. I need to eat healthy meals and snacks, and only splurge occasionally! This is my challenge! This is my weakness!

This is my confession!