Monday, March 15, 2010

What's in YOUR body???

Let's face it...we ALL want to look good and feel comfortable in a bathing suit. Granted, if today's swimming suits looked anything like those in this picture, NO ONE would care what their body looked like. Unfortunately, these are not in style and we are left with limited selections when it comes to styles of suits that actually make us look (and feel) thin.
I am going to visit a little about food today! Not sure which episode it was, but Alexis from the Real Housewives of Orange County said that our bodies come from 60% of what we eat and 40% of exercise. That statement was HUGE for me! I had never really heard it in those terms, but I totally believed her. I mean, she is she must know what she is talking about.
Today, a friend asked me if I were following the Weight Watchers plan for my eating. I was honest and said no. Let me preface this by saying that I totally support the Weight Watchers plan and I know from experience that it can work. My only reason for not doing it right now is that I don't have a membership, plus I don't enjoy tracking points. But here is WHAT I am doing: eating healthy, watching my portions, making smart choices, eating MORE fruits, veggies, and whole grains, limiting my indulgences.
I stop and this good for me? What benefit is this to my body?
Okay, so now I am going to get gross, so if you have a weak stomach or take offense to people talking about poop, I suggest that you stop reading!!! Here it goes...I have battled with IBS for most of my adult life. For those of you who don't know what IBS is, it is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My digestive tract goes between diarrhea and constipation. There has rarely been a time that I have been 'normal'. I have been to numerous doctors and received tons of advice. In recent years, my body has been more constipated than the other. This was something new for me, because during my twenties, I spent many a bathroom trip with 'gizzard cancer' a/k/a diarrhea. This was my weight loss program. If I felt sluggish, I knew what my trigger foods were and I would eat them. However, after turning 30, my body turned a corner the opposite directions. I have tried Miralax, Senna, Benefiber, and other OTC laxatives. They might work for a short time, but then by body gets used to them and I have to take more and more. THIS is not healthy or how my body is supposed to work. I do not want to become addicted to laxatives just to take a pooh!
HOWEVER, since starting Walk Kansas on March 7th....I have increased my fruits, veggies, and whole grains. I have reduced the amount the processed foods I have eaten, and I am drinking LOTS more water. I have also increased my daily exercise routine. With this change in my diet, I have not had to take a single laxative! I have had normal and regular bathroom visits! It is amazing how much better my digestive system feels.
This revelation has lead me to honestly look at my eating habits. I always thought that I ate fairly healthy. In reality, I ate like crap! I would start out my day with a healthy breakfast and even a healthy mid-morning snack. By lunch, I would reach for a processed diet meal and pair it up with a salad. However, this would never fill me up, so I would then snack on things like cookies, candy, chips, etc. By the evening, I would fix supper and eat too much. I would also have a bedtime snack...sometimes ice cream, pudding, popcorn, etc. I would also deal with stress by eating! Usually I would reach for chocolate or pop. These are my two vices when I am battling a difficult day.
My entire mindset has changed since starting Walk Kansas and since I have been feeling much better! It was like a light bulb went off in my brain! What I don't get, is WHY have I been in denial for so long? Eating healthy is not difficult and it actually tastes pretty darn good! Granted, it does take a little extra planning, but it is totally worth it.
My goal is to eat fresh fruits and veggies when at all possible. Frozen will be my next choice. Whole grains, like wheat bread, brown rice, and wheat pasta. Low Fat Dairy such as yogurt and skim milk in my smoothies. Fresh, low fat protein. This is going to include chicken, fish, pork and lean ground beef. Now, am I going to allow myself that occasional splurge???? Hell Yes! But I am not going to over indulge. It is all about BALANCE! Too much of one thing is not good! We need to have small amounts of many things. This advice is good for your eating habits, as well as in your life in general. I hope you all can strive to find that healthy balance in your lives!!!