Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day #4 of Flabby~2~Firm (AM Post)

Good Morning....well, at least that is normally what I say to anyone I greet in the morning. However for me today, it is not so good. This stupid cold is really wreaking havoc on my body and my energy levels. This is day 4 of my personal challenge and I am two for two. I have worked out two days and this is my second day of not working out. No worries though! This cold cannot linger around too much longer and I will back on my feet and pushing myself to work out smarter....not harder! As with any cold virus or allergy must run it's course!

For now, I will focus on what I do have the energy for....and that is healthy eating! I have gotten lazy when it comes to food journaling. No excuses other than I don't want to write down and see what I have actually eaten. But I know from past attempts and successes, that healthy eating and food journaling is going to be key in my reaching my goal. I have used several options in the past when it comes to food journaling. The Weight Watchers Online program is excellent, if you want to spend the money. It is a great tool and I highly recommend it for beginners. Another great resource, that is also free, is My-Calorie-Counter. I also keep track of things in a basic Excel worksheet. For me, I like to track my food, the number of Weight Watchers points I am consuming, and also the number of calories.

For me, this becomes like an obsession!!! I am constantly logging into My-Calorie-Counter to look at foods and see where I am at on my daily calorie intake. I also feel as if I constantly have food on my mind. This can be dangerous, as the more I think about food...the more I want to eat! I need to find that middle ground!

Well, I need to get the kiddos around and head out for work and school. I will post this evening!


Lannie said...

Julie, here is a website I use daily.

I use the daily plate to track everything! Its super easy, i have found everything I needed and I am ADDICTED! Its great!