Monday, September 17, 2007

Do Blondes REALLY have more fun???

Well, I find out today! Since about 1999, I have been a brunette, posing as a blonde! I have been having my hair highlighted (or bleached) professionally since about then. My natural color is somewhere between a light chestnut and a dirty blonde or strawberry blonde or dishwater blonde (as my mother-in-law would say). At any rate, I recently decided that it was time to go back to a more natural color for me. Why you may ask??? Well, the cost of the salon visits kept rising. Not to mention the fact that my eyebrows are way darker than the hair. Plus, my daughter's hair is not super blonde, so I wanted us to match. Crazy.....I know!!!! At any rate, on Saturday, I had my stylist turn me back into a brunette. She used a chestnut color, which had some auburn hints to it. Plus she went back in and added some subtle blonde highlights. It looks as if the sun has kissed my locks. I absolutely LOVE IT. My husband says that my hair looks greasy....but that is just because it is actually healthy and not all bleached out and fried from the years of highlight and flat iron abuse. My stylist also thinned out my hair. Now this is crazy how much hair I really must have had. I feel bald when I wash my hair....but when I style it, it dries way faster, yet I still have tons of hair and body and style. I had her chop off my shoulder length blunt cut and give me a trendy, choppy layers, fun style - with some length for my husband (of course). I actually have a style now!!! I cannot decide if it makes me look older or younger....but I feel younger, so that is all that matters. I can't wait to walk into my job and see how my co-workers and students react to my NEW hair. That will be the true judgement. My oldest son was like "WHAT did you do to your hair?" But he said that he liked it a lot, but he was not prepared for the change, as I had not told him what I was doing. He is 11 and the true judge of what's cool vs. what's lame. I always ask him about my clothes and shoes and such. He is a great resource. Well, time to get ready. Have a FABULOUS Monday!