Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

I am sitting out on my back deck, listening to the sounds of the evening. I love hearing the crickets chirp. I love seeing the first glows of the lightening bugs. There is something surreal about sitting out in nature and taking in it's energy. Nights like tonight remind me of the summers back when I was in high school. I can remember one night when we went pool hopping. It was probably 1 a.m. and we went searching for swimming pools to sneak into. We found one and jumped in and splashed around until we were afraid of getting caught by the owners. I can still remember that night and the clear sky and the stars and how I felt as we jumped over fences and ran through yards, like bandits in the night. Oh, we thought we were such rebels.

I am at peace. My 4-year old is helping my hubby in the garden, as they tear out the old plants and prepare the soil for winter. My daughter is babbling and giggling and content in her exersaucer. We spent a wonderful evening together as a family. (Minus the oldest as he spent the night with a friend)

A super amazing woman has suggest that I read "The Secret". I need to check out the book from the library. I will see about that tomorrow. But on that note, my husband often worries about money and retirement and college for the kiddos and weddings. He worries that we won't have the money and our children will suffer. I had to remind him that our life is rich with things that money can't buy. We have our 3 beautiful children. We have our health. We have our marriage. We also have a nice house and vehicles and a fridge stocked with food. We have clothing on our backs and a little money in the bank. We have wonderful friends and supportive family and each other. Sometimes we need to look past the monetary challenges of life and open our hearts and minds to the wonderful things that we have been blessed with......

Another quote from another amazing woman...."Count Your Blessings"......

Well, the mosquito's are attacking! Back inside!


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