Friday, September 21, 2007

yummy Soup

I whipped up a batch of cheeseburger soup for dinner. It was super yummy. It is basically a potato soup with Velveeta and hamburger added. Of course, I was not paying attention and it started to boil. When I reached the pot and started to stir, I realized that it had started to burn on the bottom. I quickly removed the pot from the heat, but a little of the cheese had already burnt. So then I got the pleasure of scraping out the burnt portion, while salvaging the remainder. It tasted just fine, with little to no hint of burnt cheese...but I was still frustrated with myself. I was trying to do too many things at once...rather than nursing the soup along. Oh well, at least I made my family a home cooked soup from scratch, rather than just opening up a can of Campbell's and calling it good.

Now we get the lovely task of cleaning out the freezer!!! Maybe I can talk hubby into DQ after we are done slaving away.