Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fantastic Fall

I love fall days....especially the first fall days that roll in after a steaming summer in Kansas. The crisp air that penetrates your jeans and cools your skin. The amazingly clean smelling air. The autumn sunshine that peaks it's head after a morning rain shower. I can't wait to run outside and turn my face to the sun and soak up it's warm rays. I can't wait to burn a pumpkin candle and breathe in the wonderful scents of cinnamon and spice. It is the ultimate sign that fall has arrived. I love having my windows open at my house and hearing birds chirp outside. I love rolling down the windows on my car and feeling the cool breeze. I love falling in love in the fall. Football games and snuggling under a blanket. I think fall is my favorite season. Oh, I cannot forget about the halloween candy that lines rows and rows of supermarket shelves. Costumes and carmel apples and hayrack rides...another opportunity to snuggle up to someone you care about. Long walks and sweatshirts and warm socks. OH, I welcome fall with open arms and embrace the many senses that are brought back to life after a hot, humid, Kansas Summer.

Off to get my hair done. Will write more soon about night out with the girls!!!