Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football Widow

I usually hate Sundays. I am not sure why! It is a day off from work and a day to spend with my family. But I am usually pretty down on most Sundays. I would prefer to sleep in late and then take a nap during the afternoon and then go to bed early. I wish I could get over my despise of Sunday, but it just keeps sticking with me. Part of me thinks it has something to do with my first marriage and it's ultimate demise. Back in the day, Sunday was family day. We would go to church together and then head over to my in-laws for lunch and end up spending the entire day with them. They are wonderful people and I always loved being at their house. After my divorce, my Sundays became really dark days for me. I usually spent them with my best friend and her family. But I would always end up feeling like the 3rd wheel and leave so that I could go home and nap. That was 9 years ago!!!! I have since remarried and have two more children. Sundays are chore day around my house. Finish up the laundry and other projects that were started on Saturday. My husband is also a HUGE football he spends the majority of the day in our family room, watching non-stop NFL games on the big screen, screaming at the television, tracking his fantasy football team on the computer and talking on his cell phone. The rest of us are to stay out of his way and if we try to talk to him, we probably won't get an answer, other than maybe a grunt and a dirty look for interrupting him. We are simply an annoyance to him on Sundays. That frustrates me. I guess I could see him watching a single game, like one of his favorite teams. But all day long?!?!?!?! Hell, I can barely watch an entire re-run episode of Friends, which only lasts 30 minutes, let alone having the luxury of watching t.v. all day long and ignoring my family. He has skipped family reunions and family dinners and other social gatherings to stay home and watch football. Oh, but just wait....once hunting season really kicks into high gear, he will get up at some obnoxious time of the morning to go hunting....then roll back into the house close to noon, to reserve his spot on the love seat in front of the big screen...for the rest of the day. I really need to find something productive for me and children to do on Sundays. Something away from the house for at least a few hours. Like I said earlier, we live in a small town, so our options are limited. And then again, I start to feel sorry for myself because my husband would rather watch football, then spend a day with his lovely wife and children. Oh, did I mention that my husband's father also has season tickets to the KC Chief's, so my husband and his brother trade off going to the games. Which means there are half a dozen Sundays in the fall that my husband is gone from the house totally. I actually enjoy these days better than when he is at home and ignoring us. Sound weird????? Probably! That is just my warped and jacked up thoughts.