Saturday, September 22, 2007

e-bay virgin

Well, I did it.....I made my first official purchase off of e-bay. Up until today, I was an e-bay virgin. I was guilty of being a tease for many years.....I would search for things and see good deals, but would never 'go all the way'....but all of that has changed now. I bid on an adorable pumpkin Halloween costume for my daughter. The sad part is....I paid MORE for shipping, than I did for the actual costume. Now I will get to sit back and wait and see if the item arrives. Hell, my brother bought a truck on e-bay....surely a $12 purchase won't prove me wrong. But now I am worried....I mean, I feel like I am high on crack cocaine or some other illicit drug....I want MORE....more deals, more products, more adrenaline rushes as I hope I am the highest bidder. It is the thrill of the game....hoping I can out bid the next guy with my 50 cent increases and get the deal of a lifetime. I felt like a drug addict as I was sitting next to my laptop, waiting for updates on my bid. Hoping I would get that next hit in the bidding war. I was literally glued to the computer and even 'shushed' my husband away in desperation to keep my attention locked on the screen. My next purchase might be the Leg Magic exercise machine. A co-worker has been using it and after having 4 children, she is back down to a size 3.....WOW.....I would love that! They retail for $200 new, but they are way cheaper on e-bay....ahhhhh, back to can buy anything from there. I was amazed...well more like shocked at the crap that people are trying to sell. Socks? Hair Ribbons? Onsies? I mean SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!, it is the lazy man's garage sale for both the buyer and seller. No need to get up at the crack of dawn and drive from house to house, trying to find that hidden treasure. Now you can shop anytime day or night for that same exact junk. Whoever invented this idea is a genius and I am sure super rich!!! I worry that I could honestly have a shopping addiction. But at least the first step is admitting I have a problem.