Thursday, September 20, 2007


I am not really organized or prepared today....and that bugs the crap outta me. I have a list of to-do's about a mile long, but can't seem to concentrate long enough on one chore to get anything done. I have homework and tests and other assignments to grade, but my classroom is freezing and all I want to do is curl up in the corner and take a nap. Tonight I am hosting a Beta Sigma Phi meeting at my house. My house is trashed and I have dirty dishes in the sink and the carpet needs vacuumed and the toilet needs scrubbed. I need to do all of this, plus get supper ready, with three children under-feet...and all before 7 p.m. I think I will just throw everything into my bedroom and shut the door and clean later. As far as supper goes....ugh! I have some left over chicken from earlier this week, so surely I can throw something together. The enchiladas take too long, so maybe tonight will be taco soup, made with chicken instead of beef. I can bake up a batch of corn bread muffins and call it supper! I was gone all day on Wednesday to a software training seminar, so I just feel behind in all aspects of my life. Hopefully after this weekend, I can get everything caught up and feel complete again.

I am starting to seriously think about Weight Watchers again. I am still nursing and dread the thought of weaning my baby. But I need to be realistic. At any rate, once I stop nursing, I fear that I will immediately gain back 10 pounds and I don't want that to happen. SO, I am going to SLOWLY incorporate WW back into my life. I am also going to SLOWLY start exercising again. Hopefully with a sensible and healthy diet, along with exercise, I can maintain my current weight and tone up the flabby spots.

I am administering a test and these people keep talking. UGH!