Friday, September 21, 2007

Frozen Explosion

Okay, note to NOT leave unopened cans of soda pop in the they WILL expand and explode inside your freezer. My husband is notorious for doing this. He loves to chill his Pepsi to the point of it being a slushy consistency. However, he 'forgets' that he left the can of pop in the freezer and then it explodes and creates this gigantic, sticky, frozen mess all over the inside of my freezer. I got home yesterday from work and was running around like a crazed maniac trying to get my house cleaned up before my sorority meeting. I open up the freezer to check the ice level and discover another explosion. I immediately pull out my camera phone and snap a few shots to send to hubby, so that he knows what he has to look forward to later in the evening. "Sorry dear....don't even think we are getting giggy with get to clean up the freezer." (I am sure that made him want to rush home to his gorgeous wife) It does not help matters that I have the freezer packed full of frozen breast milk either. So now we have a freezer stocked to capacity with breast milk, ice cream, Lean Cuisine meals, frozen burritos and waffles and veggies, along with 'mystery' food that I shoved into a freezer bag and crammed into the deep dark hole of the 'freezer' all of these things are covered with sticky, frozen Pepsi. Cleaning out the freezer is not a quick task by any means. Nor is it pleasant. It entails removing all items from the freezer and moving them to the sink where they can be cleaned off. Of course you need to dump the ice, as it has a light coating of frozen Pepsi and is no longer edible. Then you get to wipe down the entire freezer. Oh, don't forget about the melting frozen Pepsi that has now dripped down the front of the fridge door and has created this little sticky puddle of goo on the hard word kitchen floors. There is a silver lining to this horrific story.....I am forced to clean out the freezer and discard anything that looks freezer burnt or any unidentifiable foods or the 6-month old cartons of ice cream that I did not like, etc.....I am making a point though....last night at 5:30 p.m. as I am cooking supper and frantically trying to get ready for my meeting is NOT the optimal time to clean out the freezer and create an even bigger mess in the process. So, we decide that hubby will wait and clean out the freezer after my guests are gone. In the meantime, I go to get some clean ice out of the I reach to hold open the freezer door, I smash my hand into a pile of frozen sticky Pepsi goo.....I was not pleased. A few choice words exited my mouth and then I look around for little ears and luckily I was not in the company of the 4-year old who would repeat my vocal garbage to his preschool teacher. Also, for some reason, the kitchen was like 300 degrees. The rest of the house was nice and cool and relaxing, but the kitchen was like a mini-oven. I am sure it had nothing to do with my daughter who was screaming in her high chair because she was bored and the 4-year old who had the volume on Playhouse Disney turned up to maximum...all why my hubby was across the street chatting with the neighbor about our new roof. I did unwind with a Miller Chill and some much needed laughter during my sorority meeting.

Off to grade papers! It is Finally Friday!