Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's for Dinner - Tuesday???

I know that each of you are dying to read my dinner menu....as my blog is the single reason you even log on each day! Tonight we are having Chicken and Noodles. I have cooked my chicken thighs all day in the crock pot. I will pick the succulent meat off the bones and cook up some Reames Frozen noodles in the stock. I will serve it up over homemade mashed potatoes. I will also reserve some of the chicken meat for chicken enchildas later this week. Yum-0

I have to say, yesterday's menu got revamped as I did not have any buns, but I had bisquick on hand. So, I made a sloppy joe melt. My husband gave me this "I'm gonna Puke" look when I told him what supper was. So, I suggested that he start planning and shopping and cooking dinner from now on...as I gave him that "I want to punch you in the face" look.....needless to say, he really loved the dinner and actually did all of the dishes for me!!!

Well, off to get supper rolling. I will chat more later!